Well, folks, the time is upon us. That’s right: the contestants have been chosen, and now it’s time for the voting to commence for Glassetonbury: Deep Tropics Edition! Whomever you choose to move forward each round will get one step closer to the Grand Prize: a festival slot at Deep Tropics 2022 (with more TBA)! We have an excellent slate of contenders, and they’re all waiting for your ears and your votes. Be sure to check out every artist on our Glassetonbury: Deep Tropics playlist on Soundcloud, and vote here early and often to hopefully send them on to the next round!

About Glassetonbury

Glasse Factory is excited to host a tournament designed to showcase several up-and-coming acts we’re excited about, with the winning band receiving a prize package that includes stage time at this year’s Deep Tropics 2022! The tournament, which we’re calling Glasse-tonbury, will feature artists that submit. Their performances will have been reviewed by a collaborative panel made up of Glasse Factory and, for this edition, Deep Tropics team members, and the matchups will be voted on by you. For each matchup, there will be a link to each performance, a brief description of the songs/artists, and a link to a poll where you can cast your vote.

About Deep Tropics

Deep Tropics is produced by forward-thinking, dance music enthusiasts at Full Circle Presents. The creative site and stage design is led by art director, Aaron Martin and will take the energy to stratospheric levels. The one-of-a-kind amphitheater in the park ensures every viewpoint is perfect with a beautiful downtown skyline view in the backdrop. Intricate lasers, choreographed LED, moving lights, and art installs will illuminate the park. The venue is less than a mile from auxiliary party locations, downtown Nashville, and some of the city’s coolest districts.

Deep Tropics’ mission is to be the greenest festival in the United States. They are a climate positive event which simply means we create more energy than we use. These efforts are fueled by our non-profit organization Deep Culture, Inc which exists to curate experiences that activate transformation of self, community, and planet. In 2021, 79% of festival waste was prevented from entering the landfill. The proceeds from Green Disco Eco-Bands allowed us to plant 59,000+ trees in Kenya and help offset our carbon footprint. Many of Deep Tropics’ art projects are created from sustainable materials such as hempcrete & aircrete. Additionally, Deep Tropics has a zero waste initiative to ensure everything is either recyclable, compostable, or re-usable. Regenerative design is at the forefront of every aspect of the festival.

This Round’s Match-Ups…

Control Room vs. Dunka Dunka

About Control Room

Control Room consists of two aspiring DJ/Producers from Edmonton AB. After an impressive first year in the scene, they are looking forward to a busy 2022. They continue to catch the ears of new listeners with their high energy sound – backed with support from well-known Canadian artists. The duo has gathered support from Dr. Fresch, BIJOU, Olly James and RUMPUS as well as having two tracks chart #1 on Beatport. With their multiple performances in 2021 they shared the stage with many fellow Western Canadian artists such as Neon Steve, RUMPUS, Defunk, Prayer Handz, Stund, Def3 and more. Control Room plans to continue their hard work moving forward by producing as much music as possible in 2022 as well as maintaining a busy live performance schedule.

About Dunka Dunka

Dunka Dunka is the effectively autonomous brain child of four highly passionate men: Dunka Lime, Dunka Cyan, Dunka Merigold, and Dunka Violet. They reached familial acclaim with their initial release Ethernet Multiverse, and found higher levels of self-congratulated auteurship with 2020’s Meet the Press.


About Stallings

Stallings is a tech house producer & DJ from Nashville. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, he is constantly digging for (and producing) music that takes what is familiar and twists in a unique way. He loves samples, grooving drums and driving basslines , and excels at creating special moments on the dancefloor with the occasional unconventional buildup. With Stallings on the 1’s and 2’s, expect the unexpected. Previously a member of the local DJ trio Triple J, with whom he played Breakaway Music Festival in 2019, Stallings has since shifted towards a more house-focused, artist project with his own productions on the way. While working on his craft, he’s played at several events around Nashville and maintained a residency at The Roxy in Lexington, KY. While with Triple J he would take many open format gigs, but these days Stallings is fully focused on house music and the underground scene in Nashville. He live streams a weekly radio show on Mixcloud called Fullstack Radio where he showcases fresh house tracks. When he’s not DJing or producing, Stallings enjoys coding, video games, and soccer. Keep an eye out for this Nashville native as he prepares to solidify his presence as an innovator in the scene with his sets and productions in the coming months.

About AwE Sh!T

AwE Sh!t is a project I started during covid that I hope can pay homage to the evolution of electronic music, while throwing a wholesome southern twang in the mix that connects to my southern roots. Born in a small town in Arkansas, hit the big city of Boston at 18 to attend Berklee, dropped out to start touring with bands, you know how the story goes! Been on the road ever since. That is, until covid hit! It gave me some time to think, and eventually turn my love for electronic music into this project. Hope you enjoy!

Majesty vs. Gifted Fire

About Majesty

With a demonstrated background in the entertainment industry and media. MAJESTY is far from your average Dj. Bringing the party everywhere she goes, she can cater her set to any crowd; from bumpin house sets to bass that will surely make the ground shake. She picked up the decks in September 2021, and has been a trail-blazer ever sinc. She has taken any chance to perform, which has gathered lots of support locally. Based in Austin, ready to go where the world takes her, you will surely not forget attending one of her shows.

About Gifted Fire

Gifted Fire is the birth of NYC based DJ/Producer Shaun Benjamin.
Originally, hailing from Singapore, Gifted Fire was created to serve as a bridge for different world music influences to coexist in the genre of organic house.
A talented multi-instrumentalist and improvizer, Gifted Fire’s music often fuses electronic dance, live instruments and free improvisation. World Percussions, Native American Flutes and Soulful Keys are often heard in Gifted Fire’s tracks as well as frequent collaboration with talented musicians from around the world.

Pheasant Fettuccine vs. DJ LUCA

About Pheasant Fettuccine

Soaring out of the PNW, Pheasant Fettuccine has the tweetment for what’s getting you down. With an emphasis on bringing House to the masses, Pheasant Fettuccine blends the hypnotic sensation of tech with the familiarity of today’s top songs. Consisting of founding members Jacob Bird and Lucas Pitotti, this electrifying and seductive duo has been stirring things up in Washington with their impeckable taste. Pheasant Fettuccine has taken the city Spokane under their wing, teaming with local businesses to create unconventional venues with immersive performances. Incorporating a stimulating bassline with entrancing melodies, the boys are cookin’ up an experience you won’t want to miss. Pheasant Fettuccini invites you to fly away with them, and experience the intoxicating allure of House.


Lucas is currently located in Nashville, Tennessee. He got his start as a DJ while living in Mannheim, Germany from 2021-2022. He started by throwing parties with friends where Lucas, and other local DJ’s, would spin. After two months in Germany, Lucas was approached by a club owner, and was offered a residency at Rhodos, Mannheim. He spent the next 6 months spinning three nights a week from 10pm-5am.The German music scene helped shaped Lucas’ taste as DJ. He has found a sound by blending popular movie, video game, and tv show samples into his techno sets to give a unique experience to listeners.

FREMONT vs. Festival Nun


FREMONT is an up and coming DJ/Producer based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Not tied to one singular genre, FREMONT draws inspiration from all eras of music and only produces what feels right. Look out for FREMONT as his sound is ever evolving and sure to take dance music by storm.

About Festival Nun

Las Vegas born and Now Miami resident Festival Nun has been blessing festivals for years. The Festival Nun started enjoying immediate success for his creative approach in both attending events and now DJing them. His energy and groovy beats has kept the party going. The DJ hit the scene with his hit song “Fresh” a tangy tech house record. Known for the popular Sunday Nunday party every week in downtown Ft. Lauderdale you always catch a vibe at his sets. Looking to create his own path this disco nun can surely steal the show!
After an impressive performance at Ultra Music Festival, 2022 is stacking up to be a break out year for him.

Raef vs. B-Dos

About RAEF

Hi! My name is Raef and I’m a DJ born and raised in Nashville TN, currently based in Montreal, Canada. I am studying Sustainability at McGill University, but spend every second planning shows and getting immersed in the scene in Montreal. I have just begun producing my own music but look forward to creating more this summer. I have been DJing for about 3-4 years, originally getting into house and techno from my brother. Since then, I have been exposed to so many more genres, and normally mix jazzy house, 90’s tracks, and groovy techno. Currently, I volunteer at a local radio station in Montreal, CKUT, and have slots every few weeks to showcase my mixes. About 6 months ago, I played at the SAT (Société des arts technologiques) in the Bourse Euterke finalist performance and was a very special night on the biggest sound system I have played on. Starting to get deeper into the Montreal and Nashville scenes and throwing my own parties, playing at Deep Tropics would be a huge step towards success!

About B-Dos

B-Dos has had Releases on Labels such as Quality Goods Records, Phuture Collective, Spicy Bois, and more. He weaves a striking impression of the acuity of his craft, which capitalizes on sound design techniques and a propensity for utilizing a tasteful variety of sounds. B-Dos has identified a unique alcove within the broader trap genre

MOLLYWATER vs. Joultin


“Real estate agent by day, DJ by night” – The brainchild of Nashville’s Molly Manella, Mollywater was born during the quarantine of 2020. Emerging into Nashville’s underground music scene shortly afterwards, she made a name for herself with “Club Dungeon,” her legendary basement party series. Mollywater’s calling card as a DJ is her diverse set of skills and keen ear for music. Ride the wave with Mollywater as she takes listeners through a sonic journey of trap, future bass, trip hop, grime, dubstep and deep house. She’s currently building her DJ brand, learning to produce, and finding the sound for her own original music, while bringing more underground music events to town and supporting other local creatives.

About Joultin

Raised in Miami, Joultin found his love for the house genre at the Carl Cox & Resistance stages as Ultra. He got his live performance start back in 2014, djing at all the local clubs in West Palm Beach. There he found his happy place with residencies at the local house music clubs and formed a bond with the house music community. Since then he has performed at over 100 shows and events throughout Florida and North Carolina. The passion behind Joultin’s craft is aimed at providing an escape through music and giving listeners a connection with those around them. For Joultin, finding music is all about quality over quantity and he always strives to play music ahead of the curve.

DJ Casanova (Soul Design) vs. Glerix


(DJ Casanova) (Soul Design) DJ Times Dance Music Reporter Recording Artist: (Soul Design With Levi Shea) DJ/Producer/Remixer with SugarShack, Galactic Voodoo, Hi Reaction, Electric Friends Records: Resident DJ DJ Carlos Casanova was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. and music has always been a big influence in his life, mainly because his mother was a latin club singer performing in New York City. DJ Carlos Casanova career started while djing high school dances in 1977 and while he was attending Rutgers University he would do for most dorm parties. While in college he started working local Venues/Nightclubs in New York. Since he considers himself from the “Old School”, Casanova met with the some of the founding fathers including Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc and Charlie Chase at Disco Fever and House Legends as Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage those encounters took his DJ career to an unprecedented level. As he has told many, “This experience of being a DJ has been my passion ever since! After having a successful career in New York DJ Carlos Casanova moved to Clarksville, Tennessee in 2006 and held a residency at the Roxbury Nightclub and in a short time started to collaborate with other Dj’s to bring in EDM and House music to Clarksville. DJ Carlos Casanova in 2010 was given the opportunity to start a weekly event in The Limit Nightclub in Nashville Tennessee in with he collaborated local edm and house talented DJ’s and Underground House Connection was born from that collaboration.. Since then DJ Carlos Casanova has played in numerous EDM and House events in Clarksville and Nashville including: Dayglow Life in Color.. . Night Clubs where he held residencies and/or was featured include: Disco Fever, The Plums, The Avalon, The Chance, Miracles, Devils Den Boogeys, The Knight Club, Flannagans, Capricorn II, Funhouse, Limelight, Paradise Garage, Broadway 96, The Roxbury, The Brary Sports Lounge, The Island Bar & Grille, The Princess Theatre, The Limit Nashville and Galaxy Disco, The Blue Bar, Mad Donna’s, Anthem, Ultra Violet, Sports Page, Seen Nightclub, Tempt Murfreesboro, Reign Nightclub and Sports Bar. Artists that DJ Carlos Casanova has worked with include: Steve Lucas Productions, B.M.R. Productions, Cadillac Don & J. Money, Baby Huey, Chyna White, Lil’ Boosie, Marc Wayne, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, D-Train, Nolan Thomas, Lilo Thomas, Shannon, The Fatboys, Billy Idol, The Temptations, Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Crash Crew, Funkadelic, DJ Buddafly (Radio), DJ Mary Thomas and DJ Red Alert (KISS-FM) and DJ Van Richie. It’s kind of obvious that he deserves the respect of the Nashville Underground Scene and it’s his mission to educate, endorse and demonstrate what House Music is and where it’s come from. That is the main reason he started the bi-weekly event “In The Mix” at The Limit NightClub and “The Mixdown” at The Sports Page with collaboration of Underground House Connection DJs, promoters, sponsors and venues here in The South which is going national very soon.. Radio Credit: Happy Hour Live Mixshow (WKIP) AM NY Live in The Mix Show, Soulfulvibe Radio NY Live in The Mix Show,Trance Domain Deep Dish With DJ Casanova, Magazine Credit: Featured in DJ Beat Magazine Links: Resident DJ at Sugar Shack Radio Resident DJ at House Music Nashville DJ, Producer, Artist at Galactic Voodoo DJ, Producer, Artist at Electric Friends DJ, Producer, Artist at Hi Reaction Signed Recording Artist at Soul Design DJ, Remixer, Producer at Sugar Shack DJ/REPORTER at DJ Times Disk Jockey at Scratch Events DJ, Remixer, Producer at Underground House Connection djcasanova_soul_design


Canadian/American genuine dj & music producer better known as Glerix. Born into a musical and artistic family, Glerix started playing Guitar at the age of seventeen and later decided to raise the bar of his music career. A desire to share his talent in music caught an attention at a young age. Working with other producers for few years and releasing songs almost monthly. Now, Glerix attended Cosmic Academy to enhance his music production skills. His song ‘Stay’ under Get Down Recordings became #3 on Beatport Bass Top 100 New Releases. With upcoming releases on it’s way is for sure to watch out for in the future.

Supported by: Kid Massive, LE IZNER & Dazzlan

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