Last month, Fonkynson released his second album Falling, which includes the track “Giving U Up.” The Montreal-based producer teamed up with Desiire and KÔSA to combine his disco-centric deep house instrumental with their duet of giving love a second chance – making this a modern-day love song.

The song starts off with a synth melody and as electronic embellishments enter the mix, Desiire also begins to bring life to the lyrics by lending his smooth vocals. He sings about meeting someone but letting them slip out of his life, which he regretted. But now that he has a second chance, he’s going to use it to his advantage to keep that almost-lost love going. KÔSA is the perfect pairing for this duet – her light and ethereal vocals match gracefully with Desiire’s deep and sultry tones.

“Giving U Up” is just a feel-good song through and through, so it deserves a listen. The basslines are guaranteed to get you up and dancing and who could disagree with giving love a second chance?

Listen to “Giving U Up” and all of the songs on Falling on Spotify, SoundCloud, or Bandcamp!





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