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With the iHeartRadio Music Awards around the corner, a new contender for the Best New Alternative Artist has arisen. Competing against Cannons, Clairo, and Måneskin, Marie Ulven, better known by her solo project name, Girl in Red, will make her nomination debut at the awards show. Creating buzz with singles such as Serotonin and I’ll Call You Mine, the artist was an obvious choice for the category.

I wanted it to feel as authentic as possible to me… I just wanted to have really great songs on my debut record, but also for each song to carry itself in a very strong way. There’s no song that I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is definitely like the middle of an album’, you know what I mean?

Girl in Red on Her Debut Record: If I could make it go Quiet

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In addition to this exciting news, Ulven is also set to venture on a 2022 north American tour. Supporting her new album “If I could make it go Quiet”, dates are set to begin 03/07/22 at The Eastern, in Atlanta, Georgia, and end at the Phoenix, Arizona venue, The Van Buren, on 04/22/22. This tour will also mark the musician’s Coachella Debut, although her appearance date is currently unscheduled.

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I thought I just wanted to make music. In 2019, because I was just so exhausted, I felt like, who am I doing this for right now? I was sort of on the edge of burning out because it had just been a very, very heavy year. But now I’m so happy that I’ve sort of realised that I actually NEED to go on tour. If not, this isn’t worth it.

Girl in Red On Touring

Right now, the tour is sold out with the exception of The Van Buren in Phoenix, which you can buy right here. Overall, this seems to be a fantastic year for the artist, and we at Glasse Factory wish her the best.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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