Ghetto Kumbé have shared the video for the first single “Vamo a Dale Duro” off of their upcoming self-tilted debut album. The video directed by Guillermo Camacho was shared with Vice LatAm. Ghetto Kumbé will be released later this year via ZZK Records. In the midst of political uprisings all over the world, Ghetto Kumbé released their first single “Vamo a Dale Duro” as a sonic protest of the injustices caused by class divide.

Ghetto Kumbé bring political content to an Afrofuturism mixture of sounds that spread between Latin America, Africa, and Europe. The track’s hard-hitting yet light-hearted beat is highlighted by an ominous toll, signaling a call to the people to defend their rights and land. The gaita, a traditional instrument originally played by the indigenous people of Colombia’s Carribean coast, provides a smooth, melodic background layer to lyrics of resistance and African-influenced drum breaks. Oliver Williams aka The Busy Twist (UK) adds his own touch as co-producer of this track and those to come on the upcoming album on ZZK Records. The pre-order for the upcoming LP is available here.

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