Producers, songwriters and DJS Galantis has dropped a new song “1×1” to blast in your car this summer. Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw whom make up this duo teamed up with Big Beat Records to create a song that’ll blow the roof of your car off with its bass and drums. “1×1” has arrived just in time for their New York City show at The Brooklyn Mirage. Galantis are known for merging authentic electronic beats with lyrics to match the vibe. There is even a trippy music video to match. It has cats in it, ya know if you’re into cats and house music this video is for you. Go sit in a room with a blacklight and neon clothes, put your head back and sink yourself into the trippy universe of “1×1”

Official lyric video for “1×1”

Galantis has been releasing hit after hit recently. Remaking the classic Roxette “Fading Like A Flower,” even collaborating with British Girl Group Little Mix creating hit songs like “Heartbreak Anthem” and “No.” However, Galantis wanted to go in a new direction with this song. Releasing a song with Becky Hill called “Run,” which has been number three on the US Dance Radio Chart.

“1×1″ is a banger for the summer! Went in a bit of a different direction for this one, pulling some inspiration from early house music influences – suuuuper excited for you all to hear it.”

Tweet From Galantis

Galantis has been promoting this song all over Twitter and calling it a club banger. Pandora music even said it is listening to “1×1” on repeat.

Starting in 2009 the profound DJS have received over seven billion cumulative worldwide streams and over 1.8 billion video views to date. Numbers like that just prove how talented the duo is.

Courtesy of Galantis/Twitter

Stop wasting time, GO LISTEN TO “1X1” NOW! There are multiple streaming platforms to choose from.

Apple MusicYouTube MusicSpotify

Want more Galantis, check out their website for tickets to their tour, merchandise, music and more.

May 14 – Mexico City, MX – Tecate Emblema
May 15 – Las Vegas, NV – AYU
May 29- Indianapolis, IN – Snake Pit at Indy 500
June 4 – Guatemala City, Guatemala – Empire Festival
June 17 – Hangö, Finland Hanko Sommarfest
June 24 – Brooklyn , NY – Midsommar Eve at The Brooklyn Mirage 
June 25 – Brooklyn, NY – Planet Pride at The Brooklyn Mirage
July 3 –  Stockholm, Sweden – Lollapalooza Stockholm
July 13 – Kaldnes, Norway – Slottsjfell Festival
July 16- 17 – Chicago, IL  – Heatwave Festival
July 29- 31 – Toronto, ON – VELD Festival
Aug 12, 2022 – Turku, Finland  – Aura Fest
Aug 13, 2022 –  Seinäjoki, Finland – Solar Sound Festival 

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_

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