Get ready for the most aesthetic album drop of the summer! One of electronic music’s most acclaimed artists, Alison Wonderland is taking you on a mystery, magically trippy musical journey to explore the deepest corners of her mind with her new album Loner. Don’t be shy, join me and jump through the rabbit hole to discover an electricdance music wonderland (you know this pun had to be made.)

The new album just dropped this month and it’s already being celebrated by critics and connoisseurs everywhere. The LA Weekly calls her work “simultaneously devastating and hopeful – always spellbinding and occasionally staggering.”. No other words could have better captured the experience of listening to tracks for the first time. There is something so raw and sensible in these tunes that you instantly feel this very personal connection to Alison, as she bears her soul for all of us to hear.

She draws inspiration for her captivating lyrics from her own battle with depression.

“My life was going a certain way before something pulled everything out from under me, I felt like I had hit my rock bottom.”

Alison Wonderland

Throughout her career, Alison has been a courageous advocate for mental health discussions and her own struggles giving support and encouragement to her fans. Staying true to her message with Loner, she writes with a captivating new assuredness to help us see the light that comes after the storm.


A melancholic, relatable, and soul-soothing melody meets sick psychedelic visuals. Alison sings about her mental journey as she travels through trippy portals that encompass and transcend her previous realities to experience a sense of bliss. The song heralds a sense of triumph and euphoria that you experience once you conquer your own darkness and grow from it. We love the duality and promise of hope that Alison so masterfully engineered with this piece!

NME hailsForeveras “Emotive and explosive…a woozy, atmospheric ballad that erupts into a boisterous, glitch-inflected bass drop.”. A song that takes you back to your angsty teenage years in high school. Alison sings about that all too relatable feeling of loneliness that “will feel like forever” until you have figured out your own identity and find your place in life. She packaged this heavy topic in energetic bass drops and hypnotic visuals that make it feel like even the darkest moments can become something beautiful and worth celebrating.  

You know that feeling when you can’t sleep, it’s 3 AM and your mind spirals into a deep state of self-reflection? Everything is so clear yet so hazy and you face your biggest fears. If you can relate, you’ll love my personal favorite track of this album, “Fear of Dying”. Alison sings about the fear of losing the person she cares most about and how it makes her try too hard sometimes. She wants that person in her life because he/she is the only thing that gives her happiness, so she develops the “Fear of Dying” and loss. While the lyrics make it sound like Alison is referring to a SO, the music video adds an interesting twist to the story. She kidnaps a woman to show her how much she means to her, only to reveal that she can’t lose herself. A deep philosophy amid a bashing bop: A journey of discovering your own self-worth and the realization that no one else should be more important to you than you.

Loner follows the huge success of her 2018 debut LP Awake which earned her the honor of being the “Highest Female DJ Billing Ever at Coachella”. To make this drop extra special, Alison wonderland teamed up with director Tyler Lampe to create stunning NFT-like aesthetics to accompany her work and make THE hottest merch you’ve seen in a long time. After a huge success, Alison Wonderland will continue the second part of her North America tour with numerous festival stops, including Arise, Forecastle, Atlanta’s Milk + Cookies Block Fest, Festival d’été de Québec and Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas. She’ll also play a headline show right here in the Bay Area at the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley on June 11.

I’m so excited, who wants to go with me? Hurry up and get your tickets here before they sell out!  

Alison Wonderland – Loner Tour
5/27                     Boone, CO                                          Arise Festival
5/27-29               Louisville, KY                                    Forecastle Festival
6/4                         Atlanta, GA                                         Milk + Cookies Block Fest
6/11                     Berkeley, CA                                    The Greek Theatre @ UC Berkeley
7/13                      Québec City, QC                                Festival d’été de Québec
8/5                       Kansas City, KS                                Breakaway Festival
9/16-18                Las Vegas, NV                                     Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival

German/Polish student located in the Bay Area, exploring the US through music and art. Follow me on Insta @nicoleworldtraveller to join me on my adventures!
German/Polish student located in the Bay Area, exploring the US through music and art. Follow me on Insta @nicoleworldtraveller to join me on my adventures!


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