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“I’ve been in a low place, it was hard down there. It’s been a struggle. I had to push on and be strong.

“You guys out there. You need to speak up and not keep it all inside. There’s nothing wrong with talking to someone. Speak up and get it out.”

Dedicating song, ‘Lullaby’ to his daughter, the band break the silence and burst back into life.

A poignant interlude, mid set, from Frank Carter, preaching to the crowd about his own issues with depression and bringing the packed room to a standstill for just a moment. ‘Kitty Sucker’ and ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ had already swirled the audience into a whirlwind of excitement and his heartfelt message was met with rapturous applause. A deep understanding no doubt, to some of the people in the crowd. Maybe more than we would expect.

High energy, enthralling, loud, crazy… I could go on, but these are just some of the words bouncing around in your head, during and after a Frank Carter show. It’s the show at the top of most journalists or photographers wish lists, when you look ahead to what’s coming up ahead gigwise and it never disappoints. It certainly didn’t on this occasion.


Frank leaps over the front barrier like a jack-in-a-box, diving head first into the cradle of arms at the front of the barriers, waiting for his inevitable leap of faith. He gets held up in a vertical position, whilst screaming out the lyrics to next tune, ‘wild flowers’.

I can’t hold myself up for longer than 2 seconds in this position, but Frank, with the help of the crowd, seems to hang there for an eternity. No one is looking to lose their grip or pass up on this moment to savor.

How many times do you get in your life to hold up your idol in a vertical position midway through a live concert? No, not many. Not any!

The lights are low, on stage and above the audience, but Frank is back in the middle of the crowd to illuminate them with his personality more often than not and there’s a moment when he asks, “can everyone grab the person next to you and give em a hug”.

Frank gets quickly swarmed by a girl in the audience, but the tall guy I attempt to hug, gives me a look as if to suggest if I did, I wouldn’t be walking out of the venue with a smile on my face. The only smile would be coming from my ‘dosed up on morphine’ face, as i’m stretchered out of the place on a trolley.

I kept my distance, i’m trying to work over here.

The band and Frank play on relentlessly, playing through a set list of the tracks the audience expected and wanted in equal aspirational needs. An inevitable cheer of happiness rumbles through the room as the band blasts out, ‘I Hate You’.

“I fucking hate you!”… not a soul in the venue didn’t enjoy joining in for their contribution and a chance to show off their singing skills. Good time to try.

The set finished with the guys from support act for the tour, Kid Kapichi (i’ll come to them in a moment), joining them on stage. A few minutes of fist pumping, crowd surfing and sweating ensued and everyone was left, as expected, with a huge grin on their face and the sweet taste of satisfaction.

It seems to be a common occurrence for me of late with support bands and yet another night when i’m blown away by the opening act. A huge buzz around the venue as the lads from the UK came rushing onto the stage and huge cheers bellowed through the room.

Kid Kapichi have been building up a reputation on the road of late of entertaining their crowds and enhancing their fanbase steadily along the way.

KID KAPICHI by Joseph Miller

KID KAPICHI by Joseph Miller

“I drove here for nearly 5 hours to see those guys”, an excited reveller told me, post gig and it’s easy to see why.

Sick of the brexit catastrophe unravelling back in the UK, sick of Europeans thinking the British people want brexit, is something the band looked to set straight and what better way to send a message to their Danish counterparts, by getting the crowd jumping to tunes including ‘Sardines’ and ‘Glitterati’.

Their pulsating indie/rock vibes, assisted by frontman, Jack Wilson and his penetrating, raspy voice, gave the crowd a new band to add to their spotify playlist in the morning.

The band posed for a photo on stage at the end of their set, holding aloft a large European flag.

Leave or remain… I think we’ll all remain loving UK music and seeing both acts returning here anytime.


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