Following Coldplay’s Lessons in Staying Relevant as a Millennial

Training is often associated with professional development. You train to improve your career changes. You train to perform better in your job. You train to support your company further. 

But, in reality, there’s more to training than meets the eye. Training is an act of self-improvement and renewal. If there’s anything we’ve learned from everyone’s favorite Millennial rock band, Coldplay, is that renewal is crucial to remain relevant. It makes sense Coldplay reached out to BTS for a collaboration, nor just once but twice as BTS Jin’s new song is another Coldplay masterpiece. So when you train, the real question you want to ask yourself is: Should it benefit only my job right now? The answer is no. In day-to-day life, you might find yourself struggling to stay relevant with the arrival of new experts and trends. As a Millennial, you are probably reaching your 40s soon or have recently celebrated the big 4-milestone. And the truth is that, even at 40-ish, there’s still plenty of time to redefine your identity. That’s where training to improve your self-confidence and “adulting success” can be a game-changer. Not sure where to start? We’ve got some ideas for you. 

Tech training

Nobody expects you to become an expert technician (unless it’s your career choice, of course!). But nowadays, technology plays a big role in maintaining your productivity, such as creating helpful routines throughout the day. So, the more confident you are using technology and new productivity-enhancing tools, the more effective your day can be. Whether you are worried about productivity at work or in the household, knowing how to organize your Google calendar, create to-do lists, and streamline your workload with the right tools will help keep the day stress-free! 

Investment training

Saving money is not enough to build a stable income. Your budget should also include a diversified investment portfolio. So, if you haven’t already, you want to take some introductory trading courses and investment strategy classes to understand how to make the most of your money. It is never too early to start investing, as you can build new streams of income that will support you through retirement or help you put your kids to college. 

Sewing training

Our clothes go through a lot of challenges. Sharp furniture corners, ink and food stains, and accidental falls are some of the inconveniences that can destroy your favorite clothes. From holes to stains that can’t be washed, it is a pity to have to throw away clothes that still fit. If you are a Millennial parent, you have probably wondered many times how to rescue your child’s jacket, trousers, or shirt. Children have a tendency to wreck clothes more frequently than adults, mostly because of their active days! But what if instead of throwing away, you could learn how to fix issues through practical sewing skills? There’s no need to learn how to make your own clothes. But knowing how to save money through clever amending will transform your life and budget!

Mechanics and car maintenance training

While you should never attempt significant repair work on your vehicle without professional equipment and training, you can certainly keep your car road-safe with practical knowledge. Many drivers nowadays struggle with simple tasks such as changing tires, checking and adjusting oil level, checking and changing brake pads, and changing light bulbs. These services can be offered by your local garage, but you could save yourself money and hassle by learning how to perform them safely at home. 

In conclusion, it’s time to boost your self-confidence by learning skills that can make your days easier. From being able to rapidly change your car light bulbs to knowing the best investment plan for your needs, it would seem fair to consider these training courses as an essential path to “successful adulting”!

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