As day after day rolls on through our lives in lockdown, many of us have been searching for a change in routine, a break in the lull of every day. Check out our featured songs this week; we hope they’ll help you do just that.

“Drowsy,” by Brillion.: The perfect track to study or create to; this song is laid back and fills the room with chill vibes.

“Riptide,” by Daemes: with a new music video being released just around the corner, this track features some chilling vocals paired with heavy drum beats; creating the perfect dark pop track to wrap us up in our feelings.

“Solus Ipse,” by Luciana Zogbi: This beautiful track features stunning vocals and instrumentals that pulls us into an experience about transcending our mental barriers. You’ll hear Lithuanian cellos, a Middle Eastern derbake, and more; which beautifully shows different elements of music blending together, celebrating its own unifying power just as it challenges its audience to break past their own boundaries.

“Wondering,” by Rosie Chadel: A chilling alt. pop track; this song is a message to all the badass women who’ve been talked about behind their backs. Released with a creative music video, the track’s simple beat puts Rosies vocals on display.

“Feel So Fine,” by Sita: A catchy electro pop track, this song shines down the warmth of positive vibes from New York native.

“Leather Jacket,” by Joe Reynolds & the Aches: As it channels old school electro pop vibes, this track screams the word cool as it describes the tipping point ending a relationship.

“The Last Time You See Me (Live),” by Dan Hubbard: The first single in an upcoming live album, this track is a favorite of fans of Hubbard. While fitting to today’s times, the song discusses the struggles of being a performing musician.

“Lose Control,” by Luna + Yury: This high energy track has been featured on CW’s Charmed. Just as it brings the heat, the catchy rhythm and vocals will shift the atmosphere with its creative production.

“Good Life,” by Tiny: This artist produces, writes, and creates every element in her track. Its upbeat mood will send you on your feet dancing.

“Let Me Be” by LOGVN: This conscious hip hop track faces toxic attachments and tells them to leave; So many people tell others how to live, but everyone has their own path and should not have to follow standards that don’t suit their needs.

Here are some albums on our radar right now:

Des Rocs’s This is Our Life EP: Check out our full album review and interview here!

What was your favorite track? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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