After a holiday weekend, we are starting to feel in the mood for tracks of simpler times and that help us escape from round two of lockdowns. Check out our featured tracks this week! We feel they do just that.

“Lie to Me,” by Vera Blue: the acoustic video of Blue’s latest hit recently dropped. While sending you into a daze, her vocals capture the soul leaving you in your feelings, wide open and raw.

“Find My Way Back to Myself,” by Liz Rachel Walker: for fans of The Oh Hellos, The Lumineers, and Vance Joy, this folk track is comfy, sweet, and makes you want to cuddle up inside and watch the rain pour.

“My Munequita,” by Bor Luos: This unique contemporary track has everything; R&B with Dancehall vibes, and a lot of sass that will get you on your groove.

“Kiss Her Lips,” by Yaans: A chill electro pop track, this song is reminiscent of warm summer love, and was dropped just a few days ago!

“Holy, Holy,” by Indigo Maya: Released today, this electropop track talks of the descent into a chaotic apocalypse from the viewpoint of an apathetic spectator, according to the musician. Cool and eclectic, this song is perfect for fans of rock who want something a little different.

“S.O.S,” by Chuparuba: For those who want a little mix of 90s Grunge and Alt. Rock, synthesizer, and electronic elements, this song builds a variety of sound to create an out of this world experience.

“Free Love,” by Nada Robot: a punchy track with a lot of disco sass that takes you off into a wonderland in the past with modern vibes.

Which song was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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