Melanie Martinez Announces Online Global Stream, “Can’t Wait Till I’m Out of K-12”

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There and gone before we knew it, the era of “K-12” is at its end. Melanie Martinez has become known for her eclectic taste, storytelling lyricism, and showmanship in her performances. She has so far released two full albums, Crybaby and K-12, and recently dropped her After School EP; all of which, including her latest film, are wrapped up in a world of a character named Crybaby, who faces growing up and traumas throughout her childhood.

K-12; the full film

The movie covers topics like death, liberty and justice, drug addiction, gender equality, and more; all with ease and a lighthearted attitude, giving these tough topics respect it deserves, but making light of the tough situations we all find ourselves in to create a cathartic and safe environment for fans to escape within. 

As we round out a rough year for the music industry, Melanie announced today that she is ending the era of K-12, and beginning anew. To celebrate, she announced a global livestream show, airing in four different time zones. She will be selling exclusive merchandise (available here)!

The global livestream will be on December 17th. Mark your calendars and get your tickets here!

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