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“November,” by Alice Watts: A listener claimed this artist was “A voice that could stop wars.” Influenced from an early age by musicians and producers recording music in a studio next door to her house in South London, Alice’s multi-instrumentalism began throughout her childhood. Her first EP ‘Circle Me Sea’ rapidly sold out within weeks, and she went on to showcase her material at festivals and venues across London and the South West. Alice has since recorded two albums, working alongside talented musicians [including Nick Mulvey (Portico Quartet)]. Her songs have been played on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Devon and she played live at the London Olympics. In 2016 she toured her latest album Blue Gold across the UK and Germany gaining radio play in Germany, and in 2017 she is working on new material. This single is vulnerable and expressive, gently easing any soul that is in need of rest and comfort.

“Marooned,” by Caitlyn Scarlett, Raf Riley: Caitlyn is an independent artist is based in London, UK. Her work has been featured in multiple television series as she makes a name for herself in her own project. She co-wrote and features on CLiQ’s single ‘Dance On The Table’ alongside Kida Kudz and Double S. After a sync on popular TV show, Love Island, the track broke the record for the most Shazam’s in 24 hours with 30k, then held the Shazam UK number 1 spot for 5 days. Since signing a publishing deal with BMG, she has been in high demand for her writing skills. This collaboration features an expressive and poetic single filled with alluring vocals, intimate piano ballads, and richly vivid lyrics.

“Glow,” by LUC: Two piece collaboration shares their latest offering to the world. She is vocalist, musician, songwriter Kari Kimmel. He is producer, musician, songwriter Joe Corcoran. Together, they have over 90 million streams and thousands of film, television and album placements between them. And together, they are LUC, a futuristic garage-tronic duo from Los Angeles. Her songs have been recorded by The Backstreet Boys, Ke$ha, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, and she has sung on three platinum and five gold soundtracks. His work as an engineer, mixer and musician earned him two platinum records, and a number one hit internationally with Lenka’s “The Show.” The project as a result features Kari writing the melody and lyrics, and Joe producing and playing all the instruments. Together, they captures the wonder of discovering a musical instrument or sound for the first time.

This track has some really beautiful styling elements. I loved the vocals, and for the most part, the composition of the instrumentals. I got some infectious grooves from the track that reminded me much of St. Vincent.

“Into the Darkness,” by Kees: This singer, songwriter, dancer, and musician has just released her Debut EP Little Miracles. This prior silver and gold medalist in the World Championships of Performing Arts has also been named one of winners of the nationwide John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship Competition put together by Yoko Ono and the BMI Foundation and her award-winning original song “Get Away” has earned over 118,000 views on VEVO. She’s done everything from dancing at the half-time show at a Clippers game to teaching and choreographing dance classes, shows, and music videos. This single is a perfect fit for the cold fall nights just around Halloween. Though spooky season is over, it’s still a great time to listen to this darkly vivid and fun beat!

“Remedy,” by Sterre Weldring: Born in Alkmaar 22 years ago, this artist began her music journey at age seven, and as she developed her craft growing up and in studying in Brighton at BIMM (British Institute of Modern Music), her work is evident in her intimate blend of folk and pop. Her study of philosophy is also reflected in her work with autobiographical lyrics perfect for any scenario relating to relationships and family. Her search for answers has a therapeutic and comforting effect, both for Sterre herself and her audience. This artist blends in pop with a folk structure to curate infectiously intimate pieces. This single is no exception to that.

“Manchester,” by CELIIN: Somewhere between romance and depression, where extreme emotions meet, you’ll find CELIIN’s vintage heart and modern spirit. Inspired by a broad range of artists from BANKS and Lana Del Rey to Nothing But Thieves and Debussy, CELIIN combines alternative pop music with dark melancholic plotlines. Searching for the balance between beauty and macabre, the enigmatic Norwegian artist is ready to share her diary pages in a filthy yet glamorous way and introduce you to adventure pop.

“Outta This World,” by GRAE: This artist offers a cool electric guitar blending in with sweet vocal tones in this dreamy soundscape and experience. The cathartic single blends in an aspect of energy that many people will miss in the energetic musical tones of her work. The infusion of nostalgia and a strong sense of her own musical identity has resulted in assured, exhilarating alt-pop music. This next chapter in her journey shows a raw and personal “in real time” feel as you process with her throughout the track. Her newfound musical confidence has led to her most daring work yet sonically and lyrically. She’s using music as a tool to process life’s difficult situations and she’s not leaving anything off the table. From relationships to periods of personal darkness, she’s putting it all in the music. 

“Blackbirds,” by Ghostly Kisses: Music has always been around Margaux Sauvé, born in Quebec City to a family of musicians; she picked up the violin at the tender age of five. Singing came a bit later as she thought that “to be a singer you had to have a powerful voice and be loud”, something that doesn’t come naturally to her as a quiet, thoughtful person. It wasn’t until she started to write music whilst studying psychology at University that the creativity and desire to express revealed itself: “it just opened a completely new path for me”. And now, with ‘Heaven, Wait’, her mesmeric debut album ready for release, recorded largely at home with her partner @Louis-Étienne Santais, working separately in the same house they would bounce ideas between rooms before coming together to rehearse the songs once they have developed into a solid enough form. Together they have created an album that blends pop songs in sophisticated production. As she moves from the dark to the light, we have been offered a compelling snapshot of grief, growth and desire.

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