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“ANTILIFE,” by The Anix, ft. Amir Derakh: This electronic artist adds in post-apocalyptic nu metal edges to this track. With influences pulled from a variety of different directions, including brutalist architecture, we see its technical side in sound as this song mixes genres of all sorts.

“Stupid Trick,” by Jess Chalker: An upbeat melody blends with rich, poetic lyrics in this track. The London-based artist curated an entire album peak quarantine, and is back with a new piece sharing the collaboration of friends from all over the world.

I was reading Love in the Time of Cholera at the time, so the song feels quite character-driven from that point of view. I think the counterpoint between the ’80s/’90s production elements work well against its kind of sad-ass, naive love song lyrics. Musically, it came from a jam with Ox Why and myself, with me laying down chords, him creating some great beats over the top and the two of us adding guitars and other textures. We got the track to a good point but it never felt quite right to me. So my friend Dan Long (in LA) got involved and helped me produce. Among other things, Dan called in Luke Adams (Belinda Carlisle) to play drums, and the song felt like it landed. The video was filmed post-lockdown, at different locations across London, with the script inspired by a story from one my favourite London places, Postman’s Park, and its heroic sacrifice wall. Other references were the 1956 film, The Red Balloon, and an old movie from the ’90s I love, Drop Dead Fred.

~ Jess Chalker

“Ache,” by Jaz Paterson: Alternative pop craftswoman, this singer-songwriter meshes contemporary R&B vocals with sultry vocals. In this track, you’re pulled right in to the state of ache and longing.

“Somebody New,” by Alex Rv Philips: Another track from this artist’s brand new EP, this song is gripping, and ridden with emotion. As the artist convicts anyone listening to be pulled into the story of his words, its beautiful message inspires and holds dear the hopes and passions in finding someone new who will help you bloom.

“Hurt Like Heaven,” by Hanne Mjøen: This Norwegian alt. pop artist creates sounds that make you want to dance with lyrics laced with heartbreak and evoke tears in the eyes as you listen deeper. Coated in dark edges, the artist reminds anyone who listens that it’s okay to be flawed, too, and to feel big and wish big as her words provide catharsis for pent-up emotion.

“Venus,” by LUME: Embodying a melting pot of ideas, sounds, and places, this artists influences blend genres to create a sultry sound in her work. In this track in particular, we hear the discovery of creative freedom, and the palpable sense of yearning gripping its audience and leaving them on a cliffhanger longing for more.

“Just A Dream,” by Darryl Kissick: Chill jazz tones lace throughout this indie pop track. The artists laid back vocals only add more to the experience, pulling its audience into a state of calm and ease.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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