On September 8th, Sam Fender released “Get You Down,” the third single for his upcoming sophomore album, Seventeen Going Under. Full of stadium rock guitar and a driving drum groove – which has occasional tom hits thrown in that really tie the whole thing together, I must say – “Get You Down” is another Sam Fender track that sees him “[turning] the mirror on himself for source material.” Though rare, they usually hit hard. And boy, does this one hit hard.

Though the strings and saxophone solo bring Springsteen to mind, Sam Fender is not necessarily trying to be “The Boss.” He’s just trying to be himself. On Seventeen Going Under, he will “chronicle all the cherished memories, tricky encounters, and events that [he] cannot unsee.” In the chorus of “Get You Down,” Fender says “I catch myself in the mirror/See a pathetic little boy/Who’s come to get you down.” Clearly, this man has done some stuff that he is ashamed of, but haven’t we all?

The hook of “Get You Down” is not necessarily a line or a melody, but instead it is the juxtaposition of such a negative concept with such joyous music. As previously mentioned, “Get You Down” is right out of the bombastic Springsteen bag, complete with super hype saxophone solo in the middle. The concept, however, seems to be something more akin to Morrissey and The Smiths, turning in on oneself and seeing only the negative. This juxtaposition has led to some amazing hits – think Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” for one – so time will tell if Sam Fender has the same luck.

Be sure to check out the official audio below! As always, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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