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“Barely Your Man,” by elkvilla: Recently releasing a debut EP on July 30th, this project was recorded and mixed within a Berlin apartment during the winter with additional vocals recorded from the furthest two points in the world from each other – Australia and Iceland. Elkvilla is a solo project of Australian born Berlin based singer-songwriter Adam Dudek. The sound is a wistful collection of achingly beautiful acoustic and post-rock tunes balanced alongside dreamy ambient influences. This acoustic masterpiece will move any listener into a state of calm and ease.

“Overflow,” by Celine Cairo: Born in the heart of Amsterdam, Celine Cairo grew up in a music-loving family. Her father a passionate amateur drummer, her mother an music-enthousiast listening to Fado, Flamenco and Jazz, Celine grew up hearing an eclectic mix of genres. She soon started writing her own songs, performing locally. By the time she was 18 Celine played small venues all over the Netherlands and won a local award that led to a performance in Carnegie Hall, New York. Over the years, she’s won awards and performed on some of Hollands top tv-shows like De Wereld Draait Door and gained fans in the radio landscape throughout the years.

And it goes to show in all of this, with her background in music. Her skill in lyricism and craft is evident throughout the focus track of her brand new album. You’re lured into the introduction of the track with her heavenly vocals and taken into an experience of melancholy and sadness.

“Gemini,” by Emily Kahn: Emilie Kahn, formerly known as Emilie & Ogden, this artist recently dropped her sophomore full-length album, Outro ; a remorseful exit from youth. Kahn also shares the first round of dates for her tour supporting the release, which you can find the full list below. Three years after releasing her first album 10 000, Kahn is no longer the same songwriter. She’s dropped the moniker and with it any sense of impersonation; what’s left is Emilie as herself, a keen writer determined to bend pop to her will. 

“I think as women we are often made to feel like we should be in competition with each other, something I’ve always felt in the music industry; I wrote ‘Island’ about that feeling of isolation that comes with worrying that you may never be special enough,” explains Kahn, “Marie-Soleil Denault, the director, and I decided to subvert that narrative and portray a vision of women finding refuge in solidarity instead.”

Her latest release, “Gemini,” continues along the new generation for the artist. As it blends emotional beats, her vocals are highlighted in a transcendent world and experience and curate a dreamy horoscopic world about a Gemini.

“When I’m Older,” by Jacob Biermann: Jacob wrote his first song at the age of 13. Gaining confidence as a performer, busking with his guitar around the Gold Coast and Brisbane, he regularly stopped large crowds in their tracks who were caught off guard by such a powerful and emotionally resonant voice coming from someone so young. It doesn’t take long to recognise Jacob’s talent… He only needs to start singing. As a songwriter, Jacob is sensitive and empathetic. He has an ability to tell stories – inspired by moments he sees, absorbs and narrates for his audience, which can be seen in his heart felt single ‘Red’. Now 16 years old, Jacob has spent the past year developing his songwriting craft in his bedroom to hone the sound of his project.

As the latest release, this track is an upbeat anthem that highlight’s the talent of this artist. His voice has a wise beyond his years sound as it shares his dreams raw and open wide.

“Around Me,” by Jhonny Island: The London-based singer/songwriter was born in Buenos Aires, where he made most of his career as a session bass player. In 2017 with “The Electric Mood” he enters the recording studio to make a Spanish-English album with 7 tracks, playing ballads, alternative rock, and South American Rock pop Alternative Indie pop. This soft rock beat continues to progress and build as the vocals soar through the soundscape. Heavy bass-ridden beats make the song shine in its uniqueness as other instrumentals slowly pour into the track.

“PLANET KILLER,” by HCK9: A heavier alternative rock anthem, this track blends between its glitchier electronics and classic, heavy electronic guitar. The vocals then pour in, siding between its grittiness and cool edges.

“UNDER THE INFLUENCE,” by SMYLE: An existential audiovisual artist based in Los Angeles, this musician forgoes explanations, seeking to facilitate experiences that celebrate the human experience. In this track, the cascading beat transcends throughout as the instrumentals blend between genre and cool vocals shine down into the experience.

“Let You Go,” by June Gluum: This dreamy pop single reminisces the late summer sunsets with its electric guitar and ambient vocals. Singing sweetly and gently throughout the track, the artist hones in on letting someone go in order to grow and move on.

“Stay Clean,” by Spray Allen: From the ashes of 2020’s chaos comes a new awareness of ourselves, and the birth of an unstoppable force that goes by the name Spray Allen; a band that could only be described as supernatural desert-borne peyote rock. This four-piece musical powerhouse featuring Eric Wilson (Sublime), Wade Youman (Unwritten Law) Eric Sherman & Daniel Lonner (Late Night Episode) are charging straight out of the gates with a debut self-titled double album, showing the world that they mean business in the biggest way possible. In a nutshell, this band is part supergroup, part modern day Heaven’s Gate Cult, minus the human sacrifice and group suicide, although “Human sacrifice isn’t off the cards completely” says Youman, “we just haven’t found it to be necessary… yet. For now, all we need is love, wine, and each other.”

Released earlier this year, this track blends pop rock and alternative elements into the ultimate melodic anthem. Collaborating guitar riffs with funk influences and edgy vocals, you’ll be slow dancing along in no time!

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