Join Future Crib In Nashville This Upcoming Weekend Following Their New Album Release

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Future Crib is a Nashville-based five-piece that has dedicated its sound to its core belief that happiness is the most important factor in life. The band is here to spark joy in all who listen to their rock-influenced sounds and attend their live shows. With a brand new album Full Time Smile coming out this Friday, September 10, they are hitting the road this fall to awake the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

Full Time Smile was created in the span of a week to showcase all of the group members’ musical styles. While challenging, the self-imposed limitation and method of building a makeshift studio with analog gear was a testament to the friendship that undergirds how Future Crib operates on the regular. The band entered the “retreat” approach with a more carefully crafted intention than how they had approached previous works. They made a concerted effort to reflect the band in the most accurate way possible, allowing each band member to weigh in on the songs without any one member having absolute authority over a song’s final form.

Blending electronic or synthesized instrumentation with organic sounds gives the album a balance so rarely found in even the most modern of releases. The band made a point to put egos aside during the production and craft something that transcended any one members’ preferences while also avoiding any one particular sound. The result draws on a range of influential artists that dominated rock clubs and college radio in the 90s and early aughts. The alt-pop masterpiece dares to be embraced by fans of Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Dr. Dog, and other acts of their ilk.

To kick off the tour, Future Crib will be playing in their hometown before moving throughout the rest of the US. They will be joined by Nordista Freeze this weekend for their album release shows. You can catch the band at Fairlane Hotel on September 10 then Drkmttr on September 11. Tickets to their shows are available on their website.

Check out their music video for “BG,” which features Briston Maroney, while you await the energy, joy, and pizzazz that they will bring on tour!

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