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“Crave Me,” by Sahara Beck: Beginning with a vulnerable intro with classical strings, this dreamy electro pop track is filled with the warmth and allure of a cozy summer hit. The chorus is rich with synths, a slow drum beat, and catchy vocals. Overall captivating, this full-feeling pop track twists the soft instrumentals with powerfully written vocals.

“Think Too Much,” by Breezy Love: An indie pop track caught alight with rolling unique vocals and a gently elusive sound, the artist lures their listener in with a unique sound and pulls them into a rollercoaster experience of empowerment and raw honesty. This track is a gentle beginning with a powerful build and utterly alluring.

“Fleeting Joy,” by Social Creatures: This electronic rock track blends analog synth, guitar, and vocals fitting for a trip out on the rolling hills of the highway in late summer. You can embrace this song’s shine and warmth as its cool tones fill the being.

“Grand Ideas,” by Alice Skye: A sensitively written track, this artist builds upon its vulnerable lyrics and gently performed vocals that are worthy of soothing the soul.

“Feel the Night,” by Tom Speight: A celebration of living life to the maximum, this artists album, particularly this track, embraces the feelings of breaking free and experiencing the world to its fullest. Adventurously written, the song invites its audience to embrace life wide-eyed after battling hardship. This artist’s story is particularly touching, making the track’s meaning all the more powerful. Battling disease peak quarantine, with plans torn up, he wrote some of his songs from his hospital bed as he hoped for the better to come.

“It made me even more grateful that I’d had the chance to spend the previous twelve months on tour. Seeing so many new places and selling out shows in cities I never dreamt I’d visit was incredibly inspiring. It’s definitely a positive record,” he says about the not one, but two records written during this time.

“Talk (acoustic),” by Billy Lockett: Bared open wide for all to see, this acoustic version showcases the artist’s skilled vocals and powerful message. In the chorus, we see his emotions stacked to the brim of falling apart, and the anxiety of it tears you up from within and out comes feelings you didn’t know you’d shut away.

“boy.” by will hyde: From co-producer to solo artist, this artist is quickly making a name for himself as his talent in songwriting rises him to fame. Blending folk elements with a soulful pop beat, the track shines on its own for its equally raw and powerful message.

“Old School Calling,” by Mila Nile: This electro pop track is lighthearted, where the vocals cool like ice to the bone. Swedish songwriter who calls Sydney home offers this punchy and fun track that broods under the skin and hits home.

“Amore,” by NIKO: Italian born artist blends contemporary with his unique pop sound. This track shares a take on Milan’s club scene while blending influences from George Michael, Madonna, and Janet Jackson. Fresh, vivacious beats blend with smooth and sensual vocals that ooze the sense of nostalgia from the night life scenes out wild with others.

“When Paris Calls,” by Emma Mae: Rising in the pop music scene for sad pop songs with catchy choruses, this track pulls at the heartstrings with soaring vocals and raw lyrics. As the 2nd single the artist released of 2021, the song’s message calls out in a desperate cry for a love as its lost, but ropes itself in with final words, “c’est la vie,” transitioning all the pain and heartbreak to a push for moving forward.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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