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“The Blackest of Souls,” by Chief Ghoul: This psychedelic rock track touches on some soulful, blues elements with its gritty vocals and nostalgically classic electric guitar. “It really all gets back to guitar playing, for me,” Miles explained. “I wouldn’t be doing this project if it weren’t for my love of the guitar. And when I pick up a guitar, the first thing I’m gonna do is play some standard blues licks. It always gets back to that. 

“Face Tattoo,” by Jacknife Eddie: Blending punk and post-hardcore, this track is perfect for those who are looking for a little something different without straying too far from the classics, such as 30 Seconds To Mars! The vocals are crisp and clean while the emotion lies in the way the instrumentals are played.

“Stuck,” by MNERVA: Using witty lyrics and a blend of rock music, this track mixes the definition of genre with its sound. With a leading hook in the chorus worthy of sticking in the brain, the heavy beat changes what you know about rock and rap intertwined.

“Kick It In Nirvana,” by Scoobert Doobert: Smooth and freeing, this track is a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day. Inspired by the small beach town in California where he grew up, gigging around at coffee shops and schools, the artist then started kicking it solo, and out came this beautiful psychedelic landscape.

“Bitter,” by Bryson Knoel: This vocal heavy R&B track blends a great beat with the artist’s uniquely crafted vocals.

“Space,” by Becky Hill (Remix by Magestic): This fresh remix breathes in the late summer nights out, mashed up together with strangers gone wild on a memorable evening. The artist’s voice is distinctive and clean as it blends in with the scene of the classic dance buildups and break downs. As part of the remix package released late December last year, it’s all the more relevant as our dreams of meeting together are becoming a reality again.

“One Minute,” by Hauskey, ft. Hope Tala: Inspired by the likes of Tame Impala, Hauskey harmonizes with Hope Tala in this catchy track. While conquering the topic of disconnect in a relationship, to the extent of feeling drowned in the negative emotions, the lyrics are simple to understand and thoughtfully produced.

“Edge of Seventeen,” by Alex Harry: This indie pop track changes the game in covers, especially one by Stevie Nicks. Equally as soulful, with a fresh new sound of the artist’s own design, the song is powerfully produced. While fulfilling the demands the original takes to perform it, the artist makes it his own and does it well.

“Fever Dream,” by Nadia Kamrath: This soft, vulnerable indie-pop track is dreamy, emotional, and filled with warmth. The artist’s vocals capture its audience into a state of calm.

“Infinite,” by Lyn Lapid: This beautifully written self-love track is inspirational and drives anyone who listens to live their lives to the fullest.

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