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“Godlight,” by Noah Kahan: Coming from a small town in Vermont, and onto the worldwide stage, this artist’s storytelling shines in their latest track. Both filled with soul in the vocals while building in intensity throughout, the lyrics are easy to sing along to and relate with.

“Daddy’s Coming Home,” by BabyJake: Florida native artist first picked up the guitar at eight years old, and juggled his love of music with the struggles of growing up. Out from it came a uniquely eccentric sound with old americana vibes. Kicking off his next chapter, this track paired up with an endearing and fun music video. Check it out below!

“A Lie,” by DEMUR: Creating a beautiful combination of grunge and glitch elements throughout the track, this artist chose to contrast its championing distortion effects with dreamy female led vocals, and in turn, we are rewarded with a bop that sings through your bones.

“Hive Mind,” by Sainte Victoire: French singer-songwriter’s latest release speaks out to the “lost, forgotten, and damaged outsiders,” while alluring with her haunting vocals and catchy hooks. Inspiring a united front in forgiveness in love, this track is a call for all to come together.

“Lidocaine (art mix),” by Roniit: Known best for her collaborations with Crywolf and others in the dreamy alternative dance music scene, this mix is vulnerable and raw with its use of classical strings and slow drum beats to showcase her vocals and abstract scenes of lyrics. The music video paired to match is equally as beautiful, too.

“Can’t Help Loving You,” by Elaskia: After releasing her debut single, this artist’s latest track is about a relationship gone wrong. While it slowly destroys, it can still be hard to let go out of the fear of the fall and of being alone.

“Stranger,” by Alex McArtor: Texas-based singer/songwriter’s newest track is surreal and alluring with its steady guitar and dreamy vocals much like the classics of Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey. Influenced by the likes of David Lynch in her storytelling, she wrote her latest project, and out from it came this beautifully calming track.

“Boy In A Billion,” by Claire Rosinkranz: This track is infectiously catchy in its beat and soulful lyrics. Recorded in the studio with her father, this artist is rising in the scope of fame with her chill-inducing vocals and killer beats. Known best by her TikTok hit, “Backyard Boy,” this artist knows how to create a beautiful and alluring track.

“Silence,” by Izza: London-based artist’s newest song empowers its audience in sharing the ups and downs of love and exploring a relationship in its fullest.

“Rollercoaster,” by Arden Jones: Born and raised just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, this artist comes from a family of musicians and writers. This single follows viral hit “Parallel Parking,” and its catchy beat is perfect for the warm summer months ahead!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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