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“A Feeling You’re Leaving,” by The Shadowboxers: The trio of Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins and Adam Hoffman have continuously captivated audiences across the globe with their distinctive flair. While working with the likes of Justin Timberlake and starting out as a backing band for the Indigo Girls, this band will send the heart fluttering with longing for companionship with another.

“Away From Me,” by nvkd: This artist hones in on melding crisp, alto vocals with warm and soothing electronic tones to create this ethereal track. While the Brisbane native singer-songwriter’s sound takes the center stage, we are taken into a dimension in the past while being whisked into a world of dance.

“Symptomatic,” by PEACH PRC: In this synthy earworm, the artist exposes the things that are only said in texts to close friends, and exes, to create a whole new anthem. The rising pop artist creates relatable, soothing, and infectiously catchy content from her bedroom. Fans on social media are quick in sharing their support. With over 1.2 million likes on her TikTok platform, this artist’s message in this track seems to stick with many.

“Calling,” by Olivia Junholm: Blending soul with warm, chill-pop, this track is both jazzy and brimming with all the blues made from our wildest dreams. The artist’s vocals soothe the soul into a state of reprieve from modern life. “Undoubtedly inspired by personal experience, Olivia’s words are instantly relatable and she excels throughout with immersive phrasing. The blissful and dreamy ballad Let Me is absorbingly written and Calling satisfactorily rounds off the EP. The value of time and reflection form the EPs thread and ties all the songs neatly together for a highly engaging listening experience.” ~ Andy Collins, Scandinavian Soul

“Goodbye,” by Rebecca Fitch: This track is not only thought-provoking but the soul in the vocals convict its listener to movement and grips the soul into a mood of reflection on lost love. Going beyond catchy pop melodies, particularly in this ballad, the artist poses the tough questions to her audience for them to inspire finding the answers or finding a release from the chaos.

“The Maze,” by Puzzle Vortex: Identified as: “god of the forest, guardian of the purple crystals, and controller of the underground machines,” this artist whisks their audience away in this dreamy indietronica bop. Pairing heavy bass and electronic elements with classical harp, the modern sci-fi and fantasy collide.

“DUMB,” by j ember: Intent on instilling honesty into his work, this artist knows no boundaries when it comes to genre. This track is no exception as it shines a light of reality on not being someone’s first pick, and the consequences and impacts regarding that.

“Wolverine,” by The Mummy Cats: Meeting together via Craigslist, this band brings together a haunting and catchy tune that’s bound to send you grooving on your feet. “Is it not fascinating what Craigslist has made possible since the site started in the 1990s. The number of interesting, beautiful, weird, funny, or heart-warming stories or situations connected to the platform are enumerable.

“People,” by Capital Theater: This New Zealand-based rock band just released their third single, co-produced by Guns ‘N Roses’s Mike Clink. Creating a play on Shakespeare’s quote from famous play, As You Like It– “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”– the band places intention on every word and in the visuals in the music video to match to pull out the meaning behind it.

“close my eyes,” by HÖST: A ballad-hit from Sweden-based rock band, this track compliments the project’s second album, The Upside Down. Created to make music without being forced to fit in or compromise, the band showcases this track as a worthy rock anthem with classic electric guitar solos and impactful vocals.

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