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“Unlove You,” by John Adams: Emotionally-driven ballad, this track is heartwrenching and convicting in its message, from the falsetto-laced vocals to the stripped-down chorus.

“Someone Else,” by Calum Venice: This grooving track blends synth with pop. It soothes the ache of longing for movement and inflicts a nostalgia for the nights out at the clubs late at night.

“Life of the Party,” by Smallpools: These Nashville/LA rockers create the perfect summer track of the cool poolside and offer an alternative twist in the pop scene. Selling out tickets to venues nationwide since their debut album’s release, these rising stars are working on their next EP, due late 2021.

“The River,” by So Kindly: Heartfelt indie anthem fights the pains of heartache with loving lyrics and rich images of the riverside to find rest.

“about her,” by Bambii: Bubblegum-sweet, this track has both crunchy beats and soothing vocals. The new artist blends retro with chill wave and indie pop, and in doing so, her heartfelt messages reflect in her unique blend of sound.

“Tenderhearted,” by Ambergrove: Beginning with a soothing beat, this track combines the heartthrob of the 80s with he heartfelt indie acoustic sound. The most convicting and sends-chills-through-you feeling was after the song’s first buildup when the vocals pour out their innermost being onto a platter for all to hear.

“Limitless,” Jack Knite: This track will soothe your soul with some grooving beats, classic rock guitar, and ambient lo-fi sound playing in the background. As it blends genres, the song both calms and fulfills the ears with an infectious beat.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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