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“Keep You Up at Night,” by The Swoons: Self produced and well written, this artist’s swooning vocals send chills to the spine. The track induces an individual take to “misfit” pop music, sharing their hearts on their sleeves with a timeless message of sweet love and hope. Equally as vulnerable as it is moving, this track’s soulful message send the heart swaying along to the beat. Check it out!

“God Save The Queens,” by Ivory Lane: A heart-swelling anthem empowering the feminine, this track is a fight on the battlefield, and a call-to-action in its message of equality for all. The visuals paired with the track offer montages into the stories of various women throughout history and today. The artist’s soulful vocals show the power of the female mind and voice and inspires power and passion into any heart in need of a bit of uplifting.

“Things Changed,” by The Sunshine State: L.A. based project from songwriter, Skyler Stonestreet, combines her skills with a blend of indie pop and introspection. The track blends the beachy vibes with a soulful message toward growth and shifting into a new and better shape free from burden. This track follows the project’s debut single, “Cliff Drive,” and offers a sweet and lighthearted take on the discomfort in growing pains. Check out the track and the lovely music video to match!

“In My Feelings,” by Henri Purnell x Gia Koka x Karma Child: Where Henri’s passions laid behind the piano as soon as age seven, the artist joins forces with Karma Child and first-class rebel from Poland, Gia, for a dancy rhythm. The rising stars have become a phenomena on TikTok with their talents as they conquer the music scene with powerful collaborations such as this. Check it out!

“The Pressure,” by Sammy Porter: Changing the pace, this renowned DJ, producer, and label manager bends genres and is set to offer big things in the future. This track throws its listener into the intimate scope of the crowded club scene, where the experience the artist offers in his mix of the track is thrilling and dizzying.

“LiL BiTcH,” by chillpill ft Rico Nasty & Soleima: Virtual producer, chillpill, teams up with two artists for a unique collaboration: Rico Nasty is known best for blending the sweet bubblegum “sugar trap” sounds with the hardcore bullets of hip-hop in her music. Her influences are laced throughout this collaboration as Soleima blends in a cocktail of world influences in pitch-shifted synths, and childlike innocent voice in each verse. The two artists, paired with this producer, creates a sweet sound, yet hard-hitting message throughout the track. Check it out!

“all or nothing,” by Diana Goldberg: German-Latvian pop artist based in Munich, this artist convicts the being into wrapping themselves in her words and soulful hip-hop sound. Starting music at age five, she’s competed in multiple nationwide classical piano competitions. While this influence is clear in this track, what conveys her message most is her skill in lyricism as snappy beats blend in with catchy choruses and the perfect blueprint for an artist that should be on your radar.

“this is how you fall in love,” by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler: This duo changes the pace with an alluring rhythm. While tumbling into the state of falling in love, the artists grapple the fears of being let go and abandoned together in a symphony of sound. Check out the lovely track below!

“Rapture,” by Declan McKenna: This track begins with a throwback to the seventies with voice altering modifications, robotic beats, and transforms into a croon of soft rock and soul. In September 2020, the artist was battling out for the number one spot in his record, Zeros, against the Rolling Stones, showing his potential and growth as an artist overall as a rising star. While reflecting upon our own culture in today’s times, this track warps the world into what he sees from his own point of view with a bold voice and unique sound to the modern day mix of music.

“Endlessly,” by Mel Blue: Dreamy beats lure you into an experience like none other with this track. The artist’s unique vocals blend into the scene of sound and paint a landscape of warm and sunny days out in the beachfront. The nostalgic bass creates a fresh take on dance pop while taking you on a journey through space and experience.

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