“NIGHTMARE!” by ToyQueens: A crisp alternative rock track that may or may not be about falling in love with a vampire. The song’s aggressive lyrics explore lust, love and hate in a toxic relationship.

“Age of Roaches,” by Kid Dakota: This single builds on the concept of how a pandemic has impacted the common state of mind. Completed as Covid-19 was spreading throughout the world, and although not about the pandemic, the song and album as a whole make palpable the fear and anxiety produced by forces greater than one’s self. 

“Don’t Fear,” by SUBURBS: Vulnerably, this track strips itself to the bareness of vocals and piano while battling fear head on and embracing the process in the struggle. Written beautifully, the song seems ripe for finding souls to heal and to nurture through the journey.

“Nervous,” by Penelope Trappes: Carrying the burden of past anxieties, this track embodies the omnipresent fears slowly suffocating its host. The artist expresses these emotions in its fullest before breaking the destructive cycle and beginning her process in healing.

“Le Navire,” by Soleil Bleu: In a haunting music video made to match, this track’s lilting vocals take its audience on an adventure just past the sun’s setting with a sultry James Bond trailer feel.

“Save Me,” by Forstory: Lead vocals viscerally channel the raw lyricism rich in trauma from a past relationship and how it’s haunted them. The track fuses live guitar, piano, drums, and saxophone with a pulsating electronic underbelly.

“TOP SPOT,” by Whitney McClain: An upbeat and empowering track with lots of attitude, and classic-worthy production quality. “Music has always spoken to me. It soothes my soul. Even during some difficult times, it’s music that helped me heal,” comments the artist. As one who knows very well of their impact on music, a positive message is all the more crucial to be heard in music during trying times.

“Dinero,” by Antonia & Yoss Bones: Bringing her latest and hottest latina track, Antonia’s fresh collaboration with Yoss offers a unique blend of genres in a way that makes one want to dance and break down the beat.

What was your favorite this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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