Back in 2013, while waiting for jazz band practice after school to start the juniors would show me music that would push me to my own excursions of sporadic sounds. Experimental projects and obscure jazz that I didn’t even know existed. This leads me to find Flying Lotus, I still listen to “Do The Astral Plane” and “Zodiac Shit” at least once every month. I’ve been waiting to see Flylo live ever since. I saw him at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN last night and he did not disappoint.

The tour is called Flying Lotus in 3D. At first, I thought FlyLo in 3D was a gag, like “oh there he is IRL in 3D.” But as I walked into the venue, there was a box of 3D glasses, felt like I was going to watch a movie, not a show. The best part of a Marathon Music Works show is how cold the place gets. The venue feels like a haunted mansion with cold spots spread throughout. As I walked in the LA Based producer PBDY was Djing to start the show off right, PBDY did not let the show have a quiet night. He DJ’ed from the beginning and in between the other openers, never letting silence take over. His first set started with very dramatic ambient swells occasionally dropping bass bombs that shook the room. He was a hype man with no ad-libs, just using his loud static beats to control the mood. But PBDY wasn’t the only opener who took control over the crowd. Flying Lotus brought the best of Brainfeeder (his label) that night.

Salami Rose Joe Louis is what I would imagine if a millennial Joni Mitchell really got into synthesizers, science-fiction, and lo-fi Bedroom Pop. Salami Rose Joe Louis AKA Lindsay Olson made the audience feel like they had their headphones on watching a Jacques Cousteau documentary. Olson worked as a scientist, and it shows off in her music. Her muffled beats and luscious keys swing through the air, and the cosmic imagery of her lyrics lull you into state of musical hypnosis. All I could focus on was the music and nothing around me. I don’t think I looked away from the stage until she finished her set. Her new album “Zendenka 2088” just came out, check it out for a dystopian journey into space and jazzy beats.


Right after her set, a tribute video to Ras G was shown. A Brainfeeder label-mate who passed away on July 29, 2019. He was an incredible influence on the psychedelic hip-hop sound that came out of LA since his debut in 2008. The tribute video was a visual collage of Ras G talking about his music, with his own beautiful sounds in the background. Please check out his work if you have not, he has 24 albums and mixtapes out, so there are tons to choose from. Rest in Peace to Ras G.

Brandon Coleman Space Talker picked up the mood with his funky sounds from another world. Seems to be a significant space theme coming out of the Brainfeeder, the more, the better. Right now, I think lots of people in the world would love to blast off into the atmosphere and just party, and Coleman gave us a taste of that. It was a funk trio that harnessed the energy of a hardcore band. With his use of a talk box and keytar he is the perfect fusion of the experimental sounds of his label mates, and Herbie Hancock in the 80s.


Finally, Flying Lotus came on, with the on-screen announcement of the audience being told to “put on their 3D glasses on now.” The show started with the music video for the song “Fire is Coming” featuring David Lynch. The horrifyingly trippy video set the tone for the rest of the night, Flying Lotus took over the venue. Flylo flawlessly flowed through his entire discography from one song to the next going from “Cosmogramma” to “You’re Dead!” and of course his new album “Flamagra.” He played the song “More” featuring Anderson Paak and included a Mac Miller verse that was left off the record, During the show, a visual tribute to Mac appears on the screen. Props to the entire team that worked on the graphics and 3D effects for Flylo. I thought the 3D might come off as trying to watch a 3D movie on a TV in the early 2000s, but it was not just some simple gimmick. All visuals melted the minds of the Nashville crowd. Flying Lotus portrays himself as someone who really is living their absolute dream. He looked so joyous to be playing for us and was having as much fun as the audience. A dance circle was attempted during the encore performance of “Do The Astral Plane” with Brandon Coleman back out with his keytar, but it just turned a pit. As you can see you in the cover image I was as well. If you have the opportunity to treat yourself, use it to buy a ticket for this tour and get their early to see all the unique openers.

Flying Lotus:

09-05 Cincinnati, OH – Madison Theater
09-06 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
09-07 Richmond, VA – The National
09-10 Raleigh, NC – The Ritz
09-11 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
09-12 New Orleans, LA – Joy Theater
09-13 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
09-14 Austin, TX – Emo’s
09-15 Dallas, TX – South Side Ballroom
09-18 Phoenix, AZ – The Van Buren
09-19 San Diego, CA – House of Blues
09-20 Los Angeles, CA – The Novo

Cover Photo taken by: @ecoleye

Article Photos taken by: @tristan_sickles

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