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Hip-hop producer and rapper Scott Summers released single “Gene Wilder” today. This song plays a larger part of the story told in the upcoming album, “i hate you love,” releasing on November 1st.

“Gene Wilder” is a vulnerable moment for Scott Summers, a 180 from his previous, more abrasive releases. A slow rift introduction leads into drawls of emotional whiplashes from Scott Summers, before the first verse—announcing the worry-less mind state of the song’s subject. The underlying beat remains throughout the song, while the rapper goes between heart-rendering singing, and quick-rap verses.

Interestingly enough, Summers didn’t always like rap, or music in general. He was whisked away by Kanye West’s “Power,” and began creating music the way he felt it should sound, the way it sounds in his head. This particular track took about a year to create—makes sense to carefully craft the most vulnerable of released music, right? The production was done by Summers himself as well as assistance from his co-producer, Bailey Sample, with the instrumentals. In a Glasse interview, the producer and rapper said that “Gene Wilder” is one of his favorites, acting as the climax track in the upcoming album, “i hate you love.” The initial song was just 80 seconds long, before receiving friendly feedback to add another verse, pushing “Gene Wilder” to 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

“Gene Wilder” is an exposure of heartache and passion, through the delivery of each escaped word from Scott Summers. Find “Gene Wilder” on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, and Deezer.

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  • Ashlee Shabazz
    3 years ago Reply

    This song is amazing and I especially loved the lyrics.

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