Grace Vanderwaal is not your typical 15 year old. While others her age are doing homework and going to bed early, she spent her Tuesday night putting on a phenomenal performance to a sold-out crowd at Denver’s Bluebird Theater. Life sure changes when you win America’s Got Talent at age 12.

Patrick Martin started off the night as the venue was still filling in. This was just his fourth show on his very first tour, telling the crowd that he had performed for the first time in January. Despite his lack of performance experience, he looked like an absolute natural on stage. He performed with high energy and an upbeat attitude, dancing his heart out and cracking some jokes to the crowd. His vocal-centered tracks and poppy sound made him the perfect opening for Grace’s set.

Grace came out smiling to an electrified and screaming crowd. The Bluebird was packed to the brim and the energy was overflowing. For only being 15, Grace looked like she had been performing sold-out shows for decades. She bounced around stage, dancing and jumping and putting her heart and soul into every song. The audience sang along to classics like “Ur So Beautiful” and “I Don’t Know My Name”. She also­ played a few unreleased tracks, hinting that they may be included on an EP she is hoping to release this fall. Appealing to the older members of the audience, she delivered a beautiful and flawless cover of Billy Joel’s “Vienna”.

Her voice is mature and golden, and she is charismatic and relaxed on stage. I was blown away by both her stage presence and talent. Constantly interacting with the audience, she gave the sold-out show a very intimate and genuine feel.

Grace first was brought to fame when she won America’s Got Talent at age 12. Since then her fan base has continued to grow at an unbelievable rate as people discover her incredible talent. With so much talent at just 15, there is no way Grace is not destined for stardom. If you have the chance to catch Grace on this tour, I would not miss it… her future is infinitely bright. Look out Taylor Swift, there’s a new rising star on the come-up.


Photos and Review: Jason Habib


Jason Habib Author
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  • Jackie
    3 years ago Reply

    I’ve seen her in person singing and she is da’ BOMB!!! My favorite singer — I wanna adopt her and her family. LOL!

  • Raul Fonseca
    3 years ago Reply

    Grace Vaanderwaal is a living legend. She is changing people’s life’s on a daily basis and at a global level. She’s 15 but she resonates with all ages and can only go in one direction and that my friends is straight to the top.
    To be honest u truly believe her generation is connected to our world at a different level, they are socially aware of the climate there growing up in and determine to leave a power positive footprint. Iur world is going to change and all for the because of people like Grace 🖤💟🖤

  • Mark Sandal
    3 years ago Reply

    I’m 62. Love Grace. Love Billy Joel. And I love the fact that Grace sung Vienna. It thrills me to no end that this remarkable young woman can appeal to all ages the way she does. In this world of mass produced pop stars and over produced pop songs, Grace is a much welcomed breath of fresh air. With her charm and talent she could easily rule the world.

  • Diego
    3 years ago Reply

    I loved the review and wish I could have been there. For sure, a great experience.

  • Walter Winchek
    3 years ago Reply

    Nice article Jason,
    I saw Patrick and Grace in Detroit this month (St. Andrews). Older 75 and a follower of Grace from AGT forward. Grace’s persona has helped so many in their travels in life certainly mine. Miracles have and continue to bring comfort to so many lives experiencing who Grace is. She was gifted and carries that banner of providing good will to people worldwide – probably not knowing full the impact she makes until later in her life.

    Truly amazing her professional talent is so many areas – deserved and earned by her through her courage to be herself. Grace is loved for her open sincerity which carries with it vulnerability to a difficult world to live in today.

    Her mom and dad are enlightened to have chosen for Grace a normal as possible adolescence which can be the greatest gift these parents can provide. Miss hearing about the tidbits of Jacob and Olivia ventures – but understand.

    Patrick Martin had a good performance in Detroit and wish him the best. I have never given accolades to any professional and feel good about honoring Grace in this note. She has a big responsibility beyond her talent and I have no doubt she will live up helping others through life by just being herself.

    A caring admirer of this young lady

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