Nearly a year after finishing the High as Hope world tour, Florence Welch surprised fans with a track that did not make the initial cut for her latest album.

Recently, she has announced that she was going to be taking an intermittent break from public life and touring. However, the song’s release must have been deemed necessary; to inspire hope, and to show gratitude to those who are working on the front lines during the pandemic that has changed the world as we know it.

Florence has been leaking other music, as well. A few months ago, she shared a demo track of “My Best Dress,” from the days of Lungs and “Dog Days are Over.” But the message in her latest track strikes quite a familiar chord with the times of today.

“Light of Love,” is sweet and familiar to Florence’s otherworldly nature. With a whistle of a voice, you could almost feel her move to the tune, bare-footed and floating around the space as the boundless energy in her is released.

This song feels stripped to the essentials, revealing the vulnerability in her music, reflecting to High as Hope in how true it stays to her soul; whereas albums before show the inner battles she faces, trying to fight inner demons and discover her true self. While Ceremonials portrays Welch as a powerhouse and How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, shows an entire story of her discovering her true self again, High as Hope is raw, open, and vulnerable. In “Light of Love,” as you hear her sing, you can’t help but feel at peace. It’s as if we’ve witnessed her process in growing and self-discovery, though the topics she covers are just as poetic, just as beautiful, and just as much a part of her as her past work.

In High as Hope, Florence alludes to her past and her process of recovery from substance abuse. “Light of Love,” also touches on the subject, but was released to raise awareness for those in the Intensive Care Unit, who are suffering and unable to receive proper treatment due to lack of resources available. You, too, can donate to the charity at the link here.

The song processes through trauma and encourages that no matter how dark things feel, how our feelings and experiences are too much to carry some days, that we cannot look away and need to keep pushing forward. There is a light and hope within us, an inner innocence and childlike wonder within all of us that we can find again. There is a light in loving others, in spreading hope through love and through our actions. 

All of the profits made from the song is being donated to the Intensive Care Society, a strong and beautiful way to take action through her words. Florence Welch is an artist who not only sings of love and hope, but walks the walk and takes action when action is needed. It is one of the many reasons I have admired her work over the years, and her music helps make the heavy, stormy days feel a little brighter. 

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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