Fastmoney Ant Gets Real In His Recent Music Video “Held Pipes B4 A Mic.”

Chicago rapper Fastmoney Ant has recently released the music video for his latest song, “Held Pipes B4 A Mic,” which serves as a powerful reflection on his past and current life, immersed in the harsh reality of drugs and gang life. 

The up-and-coming rapper is known for his creative and expressive ways of storytelling in his music. “Held Pipes B4 A Mic” is a clear indication of how he sets the scene before listeners that the lifestyle that he lives is hard and dangerous. The visuals are carefully crafted to create a sensation with listeners that captivates viewers from start to finish. Watch the music video below.

The video opens with black and white images flashing before us, depicting bullet shells and glimpses of his home in the projects. These stark visuals immediately draw viewers into the gritty world that Fastmoney Ant has come from, setting the tone for the rest of the video.

Ant is sitting at the end of a table filled with money and candlelights. This alludes to the lyrics in the song that the money represents the friends he has lost in his life. It’s a powerful image that conveys the heavy toll that drugs and gang life can take on an individual, leaving them with scars and losses that are difficult to overcome.

My money like my friends cuz’ they all dead

Fastmoney Ant

Ant is seen passionately rapping as red lasers are pointed all across his body. This intense visual creates a sense of danger and urgency, further emphasizing the risks and challenges that come with the lifestyle he has lived and is living. In another scene, Ant has a rope around his arms and neck, symbolizing the feeling of being trapped and constrained in his circumstances regardless of being a rapper. He also shows the view of what it is like being kicked out at a young age and turning to the streets. Toward the end, an amazing guitar solo wraps up the video.

The music video serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges and dangers that many individuals face in communities impacted by drugs, gangs and violence. Through his art, Fastmoney Ant continues to tell his story and shed light on the harsh realities of his past and present, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

I was outside living songs before I rapped em’

Fastmoney Ant

Fastmoney Ant is one of the top artists to be on the lookout for. Stream “Held Pipes B4 A Mic” here

Gabby Giles Author
Avid SZA fan and music lover! Follow my Instagram: @newswithgabriellegiles
Gabby Giles Author
Avid SZA fan and music lover! Follow my Instagram: @newswithgabriellegiles

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