Fall Out Boy are Back with “Heartbreak Feels So Good”

Fall Out Boy are back with their latest song, “Heartbreak Feels So Good”. The song is a teaser to their upcoming album, So Much (For) Stardust which is supposed to come out on March.24. “Heartbreak Feels So Good” is the second song to be released from the album, the first being “Love from the Other Side”. The band would end up playing a show at the Metro in Chicago, which would be sold out moments after their announcement. The band’s upcoming album is produced by Neal Avron and will be released on Fueled by Ramen/Elektra/DCD2 Records. 

Fall Out Boy is a staple among the pop punk bands of the 2000s and 2010s. Fewer bands lay claim to the dominance that Fall Out Boy had amassed in that field. Known for being able to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of teenage angst and their ridiculously long song titles, Fall Out Boy are a band that is adored by its massive fanbase. 

“Heartbreak Feels So Good” contains the spirit of a classic Fall Out Boy song. It is high tempo, fun and catchy. The lyrics deal with looking on the bright side of things and taking comfort in the fact that things will move on and change. 

The music video sees the band all assembled in the back of a van. They are looking to prank someone, somewhat akin to Punk’d- Ashton Kutcher’s early 2000s show. We later find out that their victim is Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer. They plan to kidnap him as a prank- something that does not go well with the Weezer fans that had gathered around him. The band is forced to escape, and we see them running frantically as they try to make it to one of their shows on time. When they eventually get to their venue, they find it locked and empty. After a few phone calls they later find out that their show is scheduled for next week.

For more of Fall Out Boy, you can follow them on their Facebook and Instagram. You can listen to their music on Spotify and YouTube.

Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi
Anannya Matin Author
Beef Enthusiast. I do photography and write about movies @bakshe_bondi

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