Existentialism rules in Buck St Thomas’ emotional new single “what’s inside?”

With an emotionally grounded piano echoing at the heart of the new acoustic release “what’s inside?”, Buck St. Thomas invites us into himself for a peek at his thoughts and inner vulnerabilities. The song grows gradually throughout with features from an acoustic guitar and his own layered and softly sung vocals speaking of passing seasons, being born from pain, and all other things nostalgic and existential.

The song remains melancholy throughout but grows in its sense of optimism as Thomas speaks of mothers and future understanding later in his verses. With the world remaining grey, Thomas chooses to see the bright edges from beneath his bedsheets, encouraging his listeners to take a rest every once in a while as “what’s inside?” fades away.

Speaking to the meaning of his newest song, Thomas dubs “what’s inside?” as something a little different than what he’s done in the past. “This is my most energetic, driving, and deepest song yet…[it’s] an energetic tune, a bit sad, a bit hopeful, and a bit retrospective.” Using the creative process to guide him, Thomas tends to let his songs feel themselves out as he goes along, having no distinct agenda or plan prior to their creation. The method works well for the Providence, Rhode Island-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who is also a film composer and artist in his free time.

With many varying interests in the arts, Thomas has found success in more than a few areas, including a feature at the renowned Sundance Film Festival. Keep up with the multi-talented artist on his Instagram for more and listen to his song “what’s inside?” below!

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