Exclusive Premiere: The psychedelic romance in Sunspire’s latest song “At Last”

In the hazy dream-pop artist Sunspire’s new song, a rolling guitar holds nostalgic samples of laughter in its palm, a rich and intriguing opening for what’s to follow. The unique shoegaze sound slowly opens up into a dreamy, thick soundscape that echoes like sonic magic, low synth notes serving as the reflective foundation. Sunspire starts to recount visions of ecstasy and imaginary places while relaying the revealing phrase, “who’s to say what’s real?”

Changing tempos between the verses and the chorus pay homage to the rollercoaster of feelings in any new relationship, a set of driving drum patterns catching listeners somewhere between the deep infatuation and an addictive, effortless euphoria. With its driving guitar and layered vocals, “At Last” is a captivating song built on glittering 80’s nostalgia. The dream-pop track is the signature sound of producer Sunspire, a songwriter out of Wiltshire, England. Recording with limited equipment at his home, Sunspire is also the alias for young musician Jack Jazrawy-Brown.

Garnering his influence from the dream pop and contemporary indie-rock genres, Brown began teaching himself how to record while still in school, refining his dreamy sound and reflective lyrics over the years since. “At Last” is the first single off of his upcoming project The Ancient Place (releasing in October.) The sophomore album from this artist, the project is inspired by the lush hills and forests surrounding his home. The result is a record steeped in wanderlust and intrigue about the natural world and, as he puts it, “evoking its mystery and beauty with vivid, poetic lyrics.”

Living between the worlds of “hopeful romanticism and gentle melancholy,” the album features the dream-pop artist’s signature warm and comforting sound. “Listen in a darkened room by candlelight,” he suggested. Keep up with Sunspire on his Instagram or other social media and listen to “At Last” below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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