Exclusive Premiere: The beauty and sadness in George David’s new acoustic single

Serenity and calm come in waves as a soft, acoustic guitar line strums over a minimalist soundscape, the melody echoing into the distance. George David laments atop the music about a girl singing, “you’re so much cooler than me/everything I wish I could be/I’m trying my hardest to keep up with you.” His voice, a tape-emulated vocal line, is coated in pain and nostalgia. He admires her humor and her ability to be carefree, and it’s a song that feigns contentment or very badly wishes for it. Still, David feels himself failing to keep up. That reality haunts him as he begins to mourn a future where she will soon leave him.

As he paints the picture of the inevitable, the vocals lose their isolated quality and become a collection of stacked harmonies, vulnerable and easily toppled in their emotional waveforms and vulnerability. The guitar strums along still as David admits he’s intimidated by this girl and waiting for that “sooner or later” moment where she’ll be gone. Sonic bells chime sadly in the background as he repeats “you’ll be gone,” a sad future he can’t help but linger on time and time again.

“I’m Trying My Hardest (To Keep Up With You)” is a minimalist acoustic piece, a song longing for peace of mind in a relationship bound to fail. This track is a precursor to his last single ”Blackhorse Road”  and is David’s second release from his upcoming EP Three Months, a concept album exploring a new relationship that’s bound to end since the girl has to go back to Australia in just three months.  The EP will follow everything from that first sense of infatuation, first dates, and the inevitable flight back to Sydney.  

George David is a 28-year-old singer-songwriter from Walthamstow, London, UK. Using a mixture between natural folk instrumentation and electronic inspiration, he produces sounds uniquely personalized and personal. Listen to his latest single “I’m Trying My Hardest (To Keep Up With You)” below.

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