Exclusive Premiere: New track “Little Sieve” is a summer-soaked shoegaze dream

Fizzy and modern, a drum track plays over the sound of flowing water. It’s the rush of a lush and uncertain reflection, deep relaxation slipping into quiet observation. As a dreamy-pop-centered guitar enters, it’s like floating away into the sounds of the natural world. Birds chirp and water flows in some psychedelic dream. Existing between it all, we’re left hoping nothing will change. But, as the vocals enter, “Little Sieve” becomes even more dream-like and the addition is welcome. At the end of the song, the musical elements fizzle out into the sea, the sound of birds beckoning “Little Sieve” to its end.

As T. G. Shand puts it, the song is an “atmospheric, beats driven take on dream pop, from the end of Summer in New Zealand. Written as a chronic cynic, trying out dipping my toes into the soup, right at the end of summer in New Zealand 2022. Not that it matters what I think about life, but this was a fun wee tune to make. ” 

The title of the track “Little Sieve” matches the music perfectly, reflecting an act of filtering the world through a summer-tinted lens, everything dripping in warmth and contentment. Buzzing with life through a smooth drum beat, washed-out guitars and a wide and roaming hook, the addition of the ethereal vocals make for a truly complete shoegaze track. The song was produced by New Zealand-based T. G. Shand (AKA Annemarie Duff) herself (Melbourne Shoegazers, Miniatures.) The track is available now as a 7″ mono lathe-cut vinyl on Bandcamp.

Known for her shoegaze, dream pop sound, you check out some more of T.G. Shand’s discography here. She’s been in operation as an artist since 2016, after her band Miniatures disbanded, and pulls influence from the early ‘90s pop scene and lo-fi hip-hop for a unique sound. Her live band includes Lucinda King (bass, backing vocals), Matt Andrews (drums), and Jamie Stratton (guitar.) Follow her on Instagram here to keep up with future releases (there’s a promise of a full album on the way) and listen to “Little Sieve” for yourself below.

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