Appreciate the “Beautiful Things” in Brynn Elliott’s Newest Single

On March 17, singer-songwriter Brynn Elliott released her reflective and vulnerable new single, “Beautiful Things,” available on all streaming platforms. In “Beautiful Things” Elliott’s use of echoing highlights her smooth vocals and creates a dreamy atmosphere. 

Brynn Elliott was determined to be the first member of her family to go to college, and Harvard at that. At first, Elliott’s application to Harvard was denied, but she had been teaching herself chords on the guitar from YouTube. A year later, with the submission of her application and her music, Elliott was accepted. Within a few years, Brynn has blossomed from writing songs on her bathroom floor to signing with Atlantic Records. 

Throughout the entirety of the song, Elliott speaks of an overwhelming sadness and how the unexpectedness of love came into her life and illuminated it a bit. The song does not act as if love came and her pain and suffering were magically gone, but rather that it became more bearable with said partner around. Pain and joy are not mutually exclusive, and this song is an exact testament to that fact.  Humans are complex with complex emotions, and this song truly speaks about understanding and coming to terms with such.

In her multitude of feelings, Elliott’s lyrics shine through with the vulnerability of them all. Elliott really utilizes symbolism, in specific. Through the lyric, “it’s been pretty dark in LA” and her feelings of hopelessness to “then there was you, out of the blue,” a lyric that not only speaks on the unexpectedness of meeting but introduces color imagery to emphasize the darkness to blue, a color that is often associated with peace and tranquility. Elliot is once again experiencing calmness and tranquility in his person who teaches them about the “beautiful things” in life yet again.

Listen to Brynn Elliott’s new single, “Beautiful Things” on Spotify here!

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