“Everything I Want” in Slowsie’s New and Catchy Single

“Everything I Want” has been released by Slowsie today, May 6, 2022. The band is known from their 2020 debut EP Late At Night, which is a light-hearted collection of songs inspired by songwriter Michael Pearson’s lifelong struggle with insomnia.

Slowsie’s romantic, guitar-driven songs harness the sunshine of LA’s beaches and the grit of Philly’s basements. They note their influences ranging from the soothing harmonies of bedroom pop to the up-tempo grooves of indie rock. Irreverent melodies and simple, heartfelt lyrics layered over a a canvas of lush rhythmic elements implore listeners to close their eyes, and all of it provides true inspirations to slow down, take a breath, and have a good time.

“Everything I Want” is available now on Spotify and Soundcloud.

The first impression that the single will leave on you is the low bass that is easy to miss, yet incredibly worthwhile to be discovered below the main melodies. With a catchy chorus and little touches of vocal and miscellaneous sounds, “Everything I Want” is full of fun flare while speaking of dancing the night away and leaving old and undesirable thoughts behind. Every transition to each new section of the song is seamless and a joy to listen to, and because of this, I encourage multiple listens to catch all of the small details that is placed so thoughtfully throughout the track.

To follow Slowsie, they can also be found on Instagram.

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