Exclusive Premiere: Dylan Egan’s addictive indie rock sound in “Time To Wake Up”

With its smooth, dreamy introduction, the soundscape of Dylan Egan’s “Time To Wake Up” is something of a perfectly lazy, romantic trip through a bleeding heart. As the song progresses, the main players (a steadfast indie-rock guitar and bass duo) accelerate into fast-paced strumming patterns that push the melody into a hopeful and addictive realm, their low harmony framing Egan’s delicately whispered lyrics. The result is something of a tribute to the classic alternative sound of the ’80, but dripping with other sounds of modern invention, a perfect track for those beautiful summer sunsets.

Musician Dylan Egan said about his motivation behind not this latest track, but his whole discography that he’s “playing the songs my ancestors have held in their hearts for millenniums, as I share our familial spirit with the world; Love is truly all that matters, Love is forever.”

Aside from this new single, Egan also just released an album Cool Enough For Eyes. To accompany his songs, the musician often crafts music videos honoring beautiful landscapes like the beach or simply being outdoors with a group of friends. And already the musician has more music on the way, with plans for another full project release coming later this year.

Not one to say much about himself, Egan seems to prefer to focus on the universal topics that bind us all in his songs. Keep up with the up-and-coming artist on Instagram for some musical and inspirational content alike, and listen to his latest single “Time To Wake Up” below!

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