1. What was the inspiration behind ‘Wild Summer’? 

Inspiration was my dad and uncle’s professional frisbee career.   They won 5 world freestyle titles together.  “Flamingosis” originates from a freestyle frisbee catch that my dad would do a lot when competing in these events.  It’s a reverse spinning catch on one leg.   I’m very proud of my family’s frisbee legacy and wanted to show my fanbase this talent.

2. What was your favorite part about Virtual ROO-ALITY? We loved your set!

Wearing the robe was my favorite part.  I wear it all the time now, especially when I get out of the shower or making breakfast.

3. How has the quarantine era affected your creative process?

I’ve been creating a lot of new stuff faster than usual because there’s not much else to do!  Also been doing some livestreaming on twitch and preparing more home cooked meals.  Trying to make the most of staying inside 

4. What was your favorite part about making the video? 

 The footage that you see in the video are old clips of my dad and uncle competing in freestyle frisbee competitions that I found up on youtube.     I edited all the found footage clips together to my music as a tribute to them. 

5. You pay homage to your dad and uncle in the music video, who were professional frisbee players. Did they ever encourage you to play professionally as well? 

No, they never pushed or forced me to do anything.  I feel like if they made me do something I would lose interest very fast.  I found music making on my own, so naturally I developed a passion for it.  Even though I never considered a professional frisbee career, I still love tossing the disc back and forth with my dad.

6. After so many months of siting at home, many people have spent time reflecting on past events they have gone to. Do you have a favorite show/festival you’ve either attended or played? If so which one? 

Red Rocks is definitely one of my favorite shows I’ve played at.  The location of where that venue is located in the middle of the mountains is wild.  It was always one of my goals to play there as a teenager because so many artists I have looked up to played there.  And to finally be playing there was a full circle experience and will always be grateful for that opportunity.  Next goal is to headline there!  

7. What is a key piece of advice you’d offer to creatives chasing a similar dream?

Treat your passion as a hobby rather than a business.  Always remember why you started creating in the first place: because you love doing it and it makes you feel good.  You won’t even realize that you’re working hard at your craft because you simply love doing it.  And hopefully in the future you will be able to make a living off of your hobby, but you have to have fun first. 

8. Will you be releasing any more music before the end of the year?

Get ready for a few new singles, music videos (as well as a new mixtape!) to come out these next few months

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