Everyone Is Invited To Masego’s “Garden Party”

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On October 5th, Masego released his new track, “Garden Party.” Featuring appearances from JID and Big Boi, “Garden Party” is yet another Masego track that compels the listener to forget all their troubles and just vibe. My god, does this song compel the audience to vibe. 

Masego rose to prominence via Soundcloud. When he finally released The Pink Polo EP in 2015, Masego’s self-proclaimed “TrapHouseJazz” was garnering him more and more attention, and he started featuring on prominent artists’ tracks. Why is he calling his style “TrapHouseJazz?” Well, that would be because Masego is a multi-instrumentalist who is primarily known for playing the saxophone and the drums, so everything he has released under his own name has been incredibly smooth while also including trap influences.

Take “Garden Party” as a prime example. Not only does he work with two prominent Atlanta rappers – from what is essentially the birthplace of trap music – but there are occasional trap hi-hats in the production. Where does the jazz come in? In the earworm saxophone line of the chorus, of course. Those sax lines have made Masego famous, and “Garden Party” is just another addition to the vast Masego canon that includes sax lines like “Tadow,” “Queen Tings,” and “Sunday Vibes.”

If “Garden Party” is your introduction to Masego, welcome! If you’ve been around for a bit longer, recognize that this could be the moment that solidifies him in the hip-hop/R&B scene. It doesn’t hurt that “Navajo” was just sampled on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy. Definitely check out the track below no matter where you are in your Masego journey, and just vibe out. Also be sure to let us know what you think!

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