Escape reality with Pink Palace’s new single “Fall Back”

With psychedelic and smooth strums of a guitar, the dream space of “Fall Back” slowly morphs into a laid-back bedroom pop track, an anthem for drifting inside of your own head to escape reality. Singing of letting past nostalgia cover-up anxieties of the moment, watching as waves splash across the ceiling, the singer falls back inside himself deeper and deeper with every echoing note. This coping mechanism becomes a habit, and slowly the compelling comfort of living in the past takes over his life, but he doesn’t seem to mind as a fusion of lo-fi and psychedelic rock makes for a trippy and sensual trip down memory lane.

“Fall Back” is about withdrawing from reality and becoming dependent on the past to comfort you. It’s a war between wanting to live in the moment, but being addicted to that feeling of floating inside your head. As the band puts it: “It conveys the initial quarantine struggle of having anxiety finding yourself stuck in the past. The lyrics are almost nihilistic, accepting that the past and future are unchangeable.”

The Pink Palace trio has been making music together since 2018, starting out playing in an unfinished basement in the Boston suburbs. Initially, they formed to cultivate their individual identities, but have gradually evolved into exploring a combination of their musical styles and emotions. Composed of Jon, Hallie, and Kaitlyn, the three have been friends all of their lives and remain connected through their shared creativity, from making comics and videos as kids to creating music together now.

They strive for a sound centered around nostalgia and dreamy aesthetics, often searching for themes that reflect their favorite creative works like Bojack Horseman and Coraline (where the name of their band derives from.) Their 2020 single “Someone to Hold” quickly amassed over a million streams across streaming platforms. This is a track off of their first album Where the Days Have Been, released in late February. Keep up with Pink Palace on their social media and listen to “Fall Back” below!

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