When creative Jaden Smith Wrote his song “Icon,” it had a full purpose which he is now showing and fulfilling. Not only is he making moves in the Music and Art industry, but the man is doing things that our presidents should have BEEN doing. At just 21, he has a water brand, “Just Water,” that is sustainable and 82% renewable, he is also working to help Flint Michigan finally get clean water. He even launched a free vegan food truck called “I Love You Restaurant” to help feed the homeless in L.A. Not only that, but the man has created a whole brand specifically for allowing MSFT youth (hint the brand being called MSFT aka Misfits) to free themselves from the confinement of social limitations and constrictions that work against those who aren’t made for this rigged system. 

On July 5th, 2019, Jaden released another album full of MSFT anthems. The birth of “EYRS” is officially here following his first album “SYRE” and EP “ERYS IS COMING.” The opposing album names gives off a sense of duality between the two, as well as showing how each connect to the different periods of his life in terms of which his alter ego (SYRE or ERYS) comes to surface.

 “EYRS” is a two-part album with 20 exemplary songs including features from his sister Willow, Asap Rocky (FREE ASAP), and musical icon Kid Cudi. The album starts with what seems to be an interlude saga that spells out the word “PINK.” Willow’s vocals come in on a whimsical, angelic beat, as if you were slowly walking into the gates of heaven and Jesus himself was on his way to meet you at the entrance. Soft pianos play while child-like toy sounds come in, to add layers to the beat as Willow’s vocals melt into the song, anticipating the voice of EYRS. That’s only song “P.”

As “I” begins to play the beat immediately transitions into a heavy trap-bass beat as ERYS officially unleashes himself stating, “When I walk in they be sweating, they be stressed.” He asserts his presence, making it known that he is here and that he is seen. It then goes into song “N,” which seems to be a partial interlude specifically made to make sure the listeners know that he knows exactly who he is and why “ERYS” is here. He’s like a musical knight that’s been brought to shut down the darkness through music and activism.

As he finishes up his sermon on the state of the world and explains his role, he moves back into a denser, rhythmic beat flow as the beat begins to pick up again. “ERYS” then floods back into a musical rage, displaying a true emotional connection in terms of ERYS taking on the world and the possible turmoil of emotions that have brought him to this particular moment in life.

“K” seems to be the closure piece of the saga. It comes full circle, back to that soft melody, but this time with the notion of needing help, or assistance for what’s to be an emotional warfare… Just as you think EYRS is about to let his guard down the beat stops, and the sounds of an electric hair clipper comes in to tickle the listeners ear. At this point even I was like what the actual HELL is going on. Then in a matter of seconds the beat literally plummets back in as ERYS reappears with his assertive lyricism immediately reclaiming his power. At one point in the song he says “I gotta switch up on the game I gotta innovate” which is exactly what he is doing, not only in the industry but the community as a whole.

This four-part saga is like an affirmation for the album. “PINK” outlines the story of the album, giving you a hint of what is to come as you keep listening. As you listen to each song following, you can connect back to different rhymes, lyrics, and even beats in order to fully grasp the story and message being portrayed by “EYRS.” This isn’t just an album, it is a complete masterpiece of truth, imagination, and incredible individuality.

Jaden Smith is a perfect example of what our generation is capable of. He is truly a cultivator of change and he refuses to watch things fall apart. This isn’t an album you just bump to, you listen and take notes WHILE bumping at the same time. If you are ready to take on a journey like no other, find a seat, get your water and fruit, and play this joint on repeat. Might end up being one of the most exciting trips you’ve ever been on.


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