Ellie Goulding Shows Environmental Love Alongside US Vice President Kamala Harris

Ellie Goulding recently showed her support for environmental justice this past April as she sang her hits to attendees of Vice President Kamala Harris’s event meant to celebrate legislation passed for a cleaner environment. The 36-year-old singer-songwriter attended an event on April 20 2023, the event at the Vice President’s residence in Washington DC was an uplifting evening celebrating the historic action the Biden-Harris Administration has taken to impact climate change positively . Goulding performed her hits ‘Lights’, ‘Burn’ and ‘Love Me Like You Do’ to a wide range of notable guests including Judy Hatcher, Executive Director, Biodiversity Funders Group, Erik Stegman, CEO, Native Americans in Philanthropy and Stephanie Rosas, University of Michigan Student.

“It was a tremendous honor to perform for Vice President Harris and fellow environmentalists for Earth Day. VP Harris is a longtime courageous and committed leader on climate action. In particular I represent my young fans all around the world desperate for leaders to act decisively for their future.”

Ellie Goulding

 In 2022 Goulding also became a TIME100 Impact Award winner, was named an ambassador for the WWF, and was honored by the UN Association as a Humanitarian of the Year. In March 2022 Ellie invited fans to partake in a beach cleanup occurring in Santa Monica. Goulding took to Instagram to share this reel of pictures depicting the singer alongside volunteers as thye clean the beach with the Santa Monica Pier in the distance.

In addition to being an adovcate and activist Goulding has a musical career that has amassed its own reputation. She boasts over 6.8 billion views on her Diamond-certified Youtube Channel as well as being one of Spotify’s most streamed artist with over 43 billion streams. She also is an Grammy and Gloden Globe nominee. Follow Goulding to stay up to date on Goulding’s philaphontric and musicial announcements.

Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;
Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;

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