Up and coming artist Eleanor Kingston has just released “Don’t Trust Guys,” written on her 19th birthday just after realizing her first love was cheating on her. The song is about finding and prioritizing your own worth, and not allowing just anyone to take that away from you. The track can listened to for the first time ever HERE, with an accompanying music video going live on November 24th.

Originating from Utah, now 20 year old Kingston writes, produces, and records all of her current and upcoming music in her own space. She works together with her brother Guppy to utilize both of their individual styles, and in time has captured the attention of the likes of various VEVO, YouTube Music, and Soundcloud editorials. Today, she is hard at work with an upcoming indie-rock EP focusing on the experiences of love and how it impacts the discovery of one’s self.

Photo Credit: Anthony Palmer

“Don’t Trust Guys” was created in a Los Angeles apartment with friends BOIA & Kit Wong, and holds much more meaning than one may first infer. Starting with the more gritty and distorted tones of an 808 bass, the track flows into a smoother sound as it plays out. In particular, Kingston states that “to represent the transition from broken-hearted to self-assured in the pre-chorus & choruses, the production takes a turn to a hyper/electro pop sound.” As this track takes on the journey of self love, this transition fits extremely well with meaning and words spoken, especially with the sound in the bridge leading to the conclusion, “I wish him well, I wish we never met, I’m better by myself.” Her angelic voice is surrounded by low tones, leaving the impression that Kingston is now fearless in what she believes and the commitments she dedicates herself to.

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