Elderbrook’s ‘Little Love’ Tour Captivates All

Rising phenomenon, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer/songwriter, Elderbrook, is taking the United States by storm on their latest tour, “Little Love.” Elderbrook has a knack for creating emotional music that explores sensitive and introspective themes of identity and mental health. We joined with them in Sacramento’s Ace of Spades. Check out what we had to say about their performance!

Opening the night was house music artist Erez. Standing out in a bright blue silky button up, she immediately starts a fast paced, steady beat with her soundboard, slowly but surely opening up the stiff crowd to move to the beat of her music. Her talent not only laid in her hip swaying beats but also in her groovy guitar solos and resounding vocals. “Where’s My Voice” was the stand out song for me, between the thumping bass lines and catchy chorus and an amazing guitar solo that left you wanting more, you couldn’t help but tap your foot and even go all out in killer dance moves like one gentleman in the crowd. Her voice was just as powerful and similar to Amy Winhouse. And just as the crowd started getting into the groove, she left, leaving them buzzing with excitement and energy.  She absolutely killed it on stage, starting the night out right for artists Ford. and Elderbrook. 

Sitting on a small DJ-like set up, a little square lamp lights up, catching everyone’s attention. Dressed simply in a tan shirt and black jeans, Ford. walks out and gets right to work laying down a smooth and steady beat, turning the energized atmosphere into a mellow and chill environment. The crowd gently sways, watching him utilize the soundboard to make soothing beats and instrumentals. His music is a lot like lofi beats, nice background music to write and read to. As Ford. bid the crowd a goodbye, the earlier electric energy came back in full swing and the room was soon buzzing with excitement and anticipation for Elderbrook.

Elderbrook soon took the stage with big and colorful lights as a fog machine filled the stage. His voice rang out loud and clear throughout the tightly packed room. He covered a Diplo song, “One by One”, which in my opinion, easily was better than the original. His voice is strong and high pitched but not pitchy at all, singing every note clearly and effortlessly. He of course sang songs like “Talk it Over” from his new album, Little Love. As lights flashed and flickered and laser beams streamed across the crowd, he captivated the crowd with his voice and snappy beats. But as soon as it begun, it ended, leaving the crowd wanting more to not only listen to but to dance to.

If you haven’t already, click on the link down below, to listen to Elderbrook’s newest album and don’t forget to check out the openers, zeroes and Ford.!

Abbey Killion Editor
I can pass captcha tests.
Abbey Killion Editor
I can pass captcha tests.

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