ECHLO Drowns The Noise In ‘Beat Drops’

Beat is a word that has two distinct meanings. As we all know, the first talks about defeating or clobbering the opponent whether literally or figuratively. While the other pertains to music more specifically a component of a musical piece. As much as these two definitions are on the opposite of the spectrum (one more wackier than the other). Both somehow converge and share the capacity to draw in people. Whether that’s a fandom banding together to root for their team or a song going hard on the dance floor. They shoot straight through the soul, taking over our minds and bodies. It’s not an out of body experience just yet, but it’s close to it.

This same sentiment about beats and it’s virality can be experienced in Canadian award winning artist Chloe Charles aka ECHLO with her latest offering ‘Beat Drops’. Released September 14th in all major streaming platforms via Chloe Charles Publishing. ‘Beat Drops’ is a track that delves into our constant search for unconditional love as culture beats us to it by misleading us with worldly achievements. An unending loop of deception and sorrow. ECHLO points out that while material things are fine it’s not the key to love or happiness. Instead it can be derived from people we hold dear like family, friends and the lovely people we meet in the ‘wild’ so to speak. Sure riches and money can buy you companionship, but not friendship or a relationship. It can purchase a touch or two, yet never care and concern. It’s ironic that what’s considered to be the one that runs the world, can’t barely move the very people living in it in an emotional way.

Apart from being a strong statement encapsulated in a 3:43 minute tune. ECHLO’s ‘Beat Drops’ is an ode to love itself and how it’s needed by everyone in this planet more than ever. With her lovely vocals that pierce even through the hardest of hearts and instrumentals so delicate like the wind. It also stands as a reminder that the unconditional love we desperately hunger for isn’t as elusive as we think it is. All that’s needed is to look at the mirror and give it a long stare. Time to let love in even in the most unexpected places, and with that open our eyes to what’s really important. From there, we can beat and drop all the negative noises being fed to us on the regular.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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