Apples, laughter, and medicine can cure people physically. There’s proof on all that, and they’ve got corresponding sayings as well. Which is fine and dandy, but amidst all these we seem to be forgetting something. That’s music’s uncanny capability not only to help heal the body, but also provide comfort to the weary mind. Calm for the restless heart and set the mood to allow for a mental vacation. A much-needed getaway from the humdrums of living the modern life and getting a grip of this new normal we find ourselves in. 

The best part is any genre of music is capable of this superpower so to speak. Whether rock, pop, punk, EDM, classical and yes even heavy rock to name a few. If you are looking for a new one that could tickle your fancy and captivate your imagination. Look no further than East Forest’s offering entitled “IN: A Soundtrack For the Psychedelic Practitioner, Vol ii” released last October 22nd, 2021. A master musical craftsman, this audio Picasso boasts of 15 tracks included in this album which are “An Opening”, “Doorway One”, “Ajar”, “Cloud Gaze”, “Slip Slope (Octopus Spaghetti Pants)”, “Doorway Two”, “Clarion”, “I am I am”, “Laid Down”, “Blend”, Doorway Three”, “Sovereign (For Radha)”, “Out of Ashes”, “Doorway Four”, and “A Closing”. All of which a distillation of the multidisciplinary works since the year 2008. Which was made a reality in partnership with Cashapp Studios who in turned this into one of their flagship projects. To add to it all, this is also a spiritual successor to his 2018 release “Music For Mushrooms: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner”. 

Widely known as an international leader in sound meditation and psychedelic therapy for more than a decade, this recent masterpiece aims to please the senses as well as the soul. It’s heavenly tunes from start to end, is a testament of his superb talent and his genius in combining music with overall wellness. All 120 minutes is pure bliss, a taste of heaven on earth. Each melody and tune are carefully crafted to take you on a journey of self-discovery and recovery. Whether your problems are bigger than a mole hill or as small as a pill, it will for sure walk with you on the right path. The astounding thing is the entire album has no words in it and yet it talks to your inner being in the deepest possible way. A dialogue between the artist and you are established through medium of song and that’s just so beautiful. As a result, it gives us that assurance that even though others may have seemed to have left us to rot elsewhere. This is untrue because this maestro from Boise is here to stay through thick and thin. Just take a deep breathe, close those tired eyes and you’ll that comfort slowly surrounding you. 

If this all sounds magical to you, then you’re not alone because this sentiment carries throughout the fans and those new to all this. Not only that, but experts in the field of technology and science such as the late psychologist and spiritual teacher Ram Dass, Google, the neuroaesthetics program at John Hopkins University, TED, and the Yale Psychedelic Science Group to name a few have found immense potential to use the music to help better the lives of many all over the world. Now talk about music with a higher purpose! 

Like a gift that keeps on giving, this drop-dead gorgeous album comes bundled with a 2-hour movie called “A Continuous Journey At Dawn” which is now available on YouTube. This is an accompanying tool for those who want to transcend the audio world “IN” has provided and gently step into the visual space as well. While this isn’t an exact representation of the music being experienced, this is meant as a guide to help indulge our senses fully. It enables to be a journeyman as well as quench some of that wanderlust in the comfort of our own homes. 

We only have one life, that we all know for sure. Unfortunately, due to a myriad of circumstances, we tend to forget that and engage in activities that are destructive to body and soul. East Forest’s new creation reminds us that as much as we have responsibilities to external entities (family, friends, work etc.) in the same vein we have to lookout for ourselves too. It may not seem like it at times especially when things get rough, but “dear ol’ me” is just as important as everyone or everything else out there. Breaking down is fine and not a sign of weakness, rather a step to admitting that our life is in need of balance. Lastly, inner peace is not merely a dystopian term but one we can find in the simple joys of life such as music. 

Interested? Want more East Forest in your life? If the answer to both queries is a resounding yes, then come one over and follow them on their website, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube accounts for more great content. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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