Jumpshot, is a term used in sports particularly in the world of basketball. It is defined in the dictionary as such, “a shot made while jumping”. Sounds simple to the ears, right? Kids play to some even, but as you can see there’s more to it than just flicking a ball and leaping. In fact, there’s a list of specific guidelines complied by the NBA in order to ensure success every time you step on the court. 

Without giving any spoilers, the steps to a picturesque jumpshot are doable. But then, the timing thing sinks its teeth quickly the longer you practice. Yes, that same hurdle will also make its presence known when tried in an actual game. Like a ghost, it emerges from the depths seemingly asking you “ey, you think you’re good enough?”. Boom! You let go of the ball. It barely hits the rim. The crowd goes wild for the other team of course. Ouch! 

When it comes to the music world, the word jumpshot is something you’ll hear a bunch. More often in songs related to the sport of basketball or hoop culture in general. But then there are artists like Zach Taylor aka Dreamer Boy who brings an added layer of fun with the single “Jumpshot!”. Which was released March 28th in all major platforms via Slowplay/ Harvest Records. Accompanying its unleashing is a nostalgia inducing music video directed by Adam Alonzo and Zachary Arthur Taylor.

Tune wise, Dreamer Boy’s new offering has the huge potential to be anthemic. With its proper dose of musicality, storytelling, and dreamy vibes. It sets us in a path of happiness, and pure bliss right on time for the upcoming season. Prepping us for a summer to remember with our closest of friends and family. Freed up from the chains of burden experienced from the past thrown in with preexisting ones. Just pure enjoyment under the warm embrace of the sun. Smiles here and there with a dash of constant giggles, as sweat trickles down our glowing skin. A far cry from the pressure and anxiety felt when taking a jumpshot in a court filled with screaming people. 

As much as it is a carefree summer anthem in the making. Dreamer Boy’s new masterpiece captivates the heart in an instant. It strums on the heartstrings effortlessly, asking “when was the last time you felt good falling in love?”. Every twist and turn the song takes, you’ll encounter it as a shadow would following its owner. Not in a bad way of course, instead in a calm manner. Lyrics such as “Jumpshot feeling pretty good. All summer we would run the games back. Afternoon in the sun. Angels in the mud.”, will take you there for sure. 

Visually, the MV is reminiscent of videos from the early and late 90s. A celebration and homage to an era where music videos were simple, and yet oh so powerful. Sure, VFX was a thing, but the main focus was always to weave a story that fit snuggly with the tune. For those who were born and raised back then, they would sure get a kick out of this! It’s a 3:04 minutes’ worth of memories washing through the senses. Whilst for the unfamiliar, this could be seen as a change of pace from the visual noise thrown around in every modern-day music video. It also serves as a reminder that summer is supposed to be a time to go out and enjoy. There is life outside the four walls of our rooms and the confines of our screens. Love is more than just a Tinder swipe, or a DM. Lastly, for all its worth basketball is best played in the big wide world. 

Can’t get enough of Dreamer Boy? We can’t too! So, head on over to his official website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for more out of this world content. 

See ya! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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