Dreamer Boy Is Lost In The “HUES”

Today, “the always unpredictable Dreamer Boy” released his latest single, “HUES!” “The brooding alternative-tinged track shows Dreamer Boy’s knack for versatility in his sound … [and] captures the fallout of love freshly lost.” Using a solid mix of acoustic and electric elements, “HUES” starts off with a drum beat. A simple drum beat, sure, but simple is what is necessary under a song as intricately layed out as “HUES.” 

“HUES” Artwork

The drum beat lets an atmospheric synthesizer slide in the guitars and piano, eventually giving way to Dreamer Boy’s warm but distant vocals lamenting how a former partner used him and how that relationship has now run its course. Even still, he wants them to stay to prevent the walls in his room from changing colors, despite everything they’ve done. As Dreamer Boy himself has said of the track, “Seeing your world change around you, being in and out of love, and seeing the good and bad from the person you are with is what ‘HUES’ is about. The actual idea of the walls changing colors as you are magnetically connected to a person but seeing how the good may be slipping away. This song represents the push and pull of that relationship, even after feeling used, and only being there for them, you end up back at their place falling into their world again.”

The song is lyrically driven quite well, but the previously mentioned instrumental is where the song gets its strength. Drawing inspiration from other artists within this particular subset of bedroom pop with soulful vocals – think MICHELLE, Jelani Aryeh, or Ryan Beatty – Dreamer Boy has created an instrumental that stands with the best of them. From that heartbeat in the drums to the acoustic guitar, the subtle record scratches to the aforementioned atmospheric synthesizer, not to mention of course that guitar line that triples with the piano and vocal melody… Every piece of this instrumental evokes the sense of loss and confusion that Dreamer Boy is attempting to convey. It’s incredibly well-constructed, well-performed, and well-produced.

Check out “HUES” below, and be sure to let us know what you think! Dreamer Boy is wrapping up a nationwide tour with BENEE, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

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Andrew Gardner Administrator
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