“don’t let go” of the Utopia That Awaits in the Hand of Another

“don’t let go” is Brandon Lam’s newest single, released today, and is a crushable, summer road-trip worthy anthem about holding onto a memory of someone you love, even when they are gone. The track follows his previous 2022 release “Silence,” which speaks on being afraid in a world of uncertainty.

Blending authentic songwriting with modern indie flare, Lam is forging the path to a new 21st century folk-pop. The young artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia sounds like The Lumineers and Phoebe Bridgers met at a campfire in Canada, which goes miles in cementing his knack for capturing different imageries. Overall, Grid City Magazine had the right idea when describing Lam as “Nova Scotia’s emerging songwriting sensation.”

Cover art

The star of “dont let go” is Lam’s softly spoken vocals and how they are carried to deliver a message of plentiful opportunity. The track first paints a picture of tranquility, cigarette in one hand and the position of your head lustfully listening to the heartbeat of someone else, your desires have been met fully after what feels like forever. Thoughts of work and other responsibilities are no longer, and now you only ponder over the growing relationships in your life and how to ensure they reach their highest potential. The chorus bathes in a triumphant sound, celebrating that there have been no end credits to halt this adventure of a lifetime. Although there is still a long journey ahead, past broken bones have healed and attacks on the heart are unable to break pass a newly solidified barrier, all because you refused to let go of what felt most important to you.

“don’t let go” is now available on Spotify, and more from Brandon Lam is found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

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