Dombresky b2b Noizu brings Rave Alarm at The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California

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If LA is the next stopping ground for an EDM takeover, it was truly evident at the Hollywood Paladium where Dombresky and Noizu took on a sold out crowd with over 4,000+ people in attendance. 

Westend and Martin Ikin opened with lofi influenced electronic house music to start the night. The show was a visual craze with spinning fans and flashing lights placed behind the DJ tables, carried most of the builds and eclectic bass drops throughout the night. 

It was hard to tell what was more fascinating, between the never ending line that wrapped around the palladium or the thousands of phones that went up as soon as Dombresky and Noizu took the stage. 

Of course, as “the Jack machine was fired up” the crowd was fired up all the way over to Summer ‘91 by Noizu bringing Annaca Espach to stage that lit the crowd up towards the closing part of the show with confetti falling to everyone’s feet. 

The sold out bonanza proves that LA edm music is ready for a renaissance-revival anticipating more raves to come to LA in the future! EDM is on its way to carrying a new path forward giving a new generation of edm fans new and unique ways to party. The other night proved that dance music scene still remains “the avenue” that brings forth and break acts all across the globe for DJs, especially to crossover records in hip hop and as far as pop music in to the EDM genre; from the exhilarating crowd to the live performance itself. 

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