Dealing with Evening Blues in Cheap Hotels’ “Death in the Afternoon”

“Death in the Afternoon” has been released today, April 30, 2022 by Cheap Hotels. The song is the lead track off of their EP of the same name, and is a ballad with an excellent build. They are band from Tempe, AZ, have been around since about 2016, primarily consisting of singer Ian Wilson and drummer Jordane Raub.

“We really just hope people can relate to our songs and feel heard and a little less alone in the world. And as musicians, we love exploring many styles of music and trying to maintain a diverse sound over the course of any group of songs we release.”

“Death in the Afternoon” can be accessed through Spotify here.

“Death in the Afternoon” is extremely well paced from start to finish. The song takes its listeners on a journey of self reflection and the inconveniences of disrupting thoughts, and it’s perfectly slow in the sense that it captures what’s incredible about chill vibes. The chorus is what stands out the most, and rightfully so with it’s incredible use of implementing vocals for instrumentals, really cementing the band’s personal touch. Finishing off with an electric guitar feature, “Death in the Afternoon” is a superb track that encourages relaxation and the benefits of winding down.

The full EP can be explored to your leisure here:

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